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What You Should Know About Computer Networking

By now, everybody knows what a computer is and how to use it. Almost everybody in the world has their own computer, be it desktops or laptops or handheld computers. Computers power up business companies as they help a lot with every business operation involved. Given that companies employ large number of staff, it’s expected to need a lot of computers, and for them to work together as a team, their work should be connected, hence, a need for computer networking with the help of IT Services. In a computer network, individuals using their computers can work as a cohesive unit producing faster and efficient results. THAT is just scratching the surface of what computer network is.

Computer Network is a system in which multiple computers and other electrical devices are linked or connected to each other, sharing resources and different kinds of files. Most common resource shared today? The internet. A network allows a single computer to do more than what it normally does as it is a multipurpose connection. There are many types of networks with the common ones like Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Personal Area Network (PAN) and again, the Internet.

Now that you understand how computer networking operates, the next question is—how do computers communicate with one another? How are they connected physically in a network? Well, computers and peripherals are connected by the use of three networking basics: switches, routers and access points which are essential to allow computers and other devices connect as a whole to your network and with other networks as well. These three though perform and function differently in a network.

IT Services Philippines gives you the lowdown more about switches, routers and access points.


Switches are considered as the first key component of many business networks. They connect computers, printers, and servers, creating a network of shared resources and also other hardware within a building or a campus. Serving as a controller, switches allow you to send various of information like emails and more than that help you have a smooth and efficient productivity. More importantly, these save money. That is one of every business owners’ aim. Additionally, there are two basic types of switches: managed and unmanaged. Managed switch does not allow you to make changes while managed switch is the opposite; it can be accessed and programmed which provides more flexibility for the network. You are also in control over network traffic and access in a managed switch.


A router is a small electronic device that is used to connect multiple computer networks together. It works together with either via a wired or wireless connection. Routers also contain a processor, several kinds of digital memory, and input-output interfaces. It basically sends data to where it is necessary and analyzes data being sent over and through a network. Acting as a dispatcher, routers choose the best route to send your information for you to receive it very quickly.

Access Points

Access point allows wireless devices to connect to the network. If you have a wireless network, it makes it easy to bring new devices online and gives flexible support to mobile users. Access point can go through in taking the bandwidth coming from a router and stretches it. For that, many computers and devices can connect to the network even at further distance. An access point does not just extend an internet connection, but also it gives useful data about the devices on the network and provide outstanding security. Access points are very credible, supporting different IEEE standards.