Windows Server 2016 and its securely updated services

Windows Server 2016 and its securely updated services

For the past few years, Windows has already provided versions of servers that can be used by businesses in maintaining important information and can be used as a tool in managing the services that will be handled. One of the useful features of Windows Server is the domain controller, and it is mostly used by the businesses for handling accounts, making them more organised. As the different Windows versions improved, stronger capabilities were also developed.

Domain controller is required to maintain backward compatibility with previous Windows Server versions. However, Microsoft found out that it is complex for Active Directory and the forest and domain functional levels as a workaround. Domain controller needs to be updated and not just stay in earlier version.

Windows Server 2016 will introduce the most significant updates to date in the evolution of Active Directory. While it is true that Active Directory is still backward-compatible with the directory services model enterprises use today, businesses will experience several changes as they use the latest useful features of Windows Server 2016 since the directory services was also designed in an enterprise-level mechanism.

Directory Service

Directory Service supports a group membership with expiration feature. It allows you to add a user to a group for a certain period of time. This is convenient for providing privileges to users for a limited time in order to install an application. The only disadvantage is that it requires the Windows Server 2016 functional level. It is difficult for large organizations to implement this because they still need to update the domain controller across the enterprise. It will be less difficult if these organisations have an advanced in-house IT support Australia. Nonetheless, Microsoft recommends working with shadow Active Directory Federation Services forest along with a forest trust and universal security groups in order to achieve this purpose.

Federation Service

Federation Services provides users with a single sign-on access even in an outside organisation. It also allows you to access Microsoft Office 365. Some organisations already have their own domain controller, why not authenticate Federation Service as well, and access Microsoft Office 365? You will also be delighted to know that there is another way for it by the support of LDAP v3 directory.

Microsoft Passport

Microsoft Passport is one of the security features introduced by Microsoft. It is a security feature that controls issues with password-based authentication. Since Microsoft is seeking for a more secure network and a decrease of reliance on passwords, they introduce the PIN-based authentication that requires a user to enter a four-digit numerical code rather than entering a password. They claim that this is more secure because PIN is device-specific and cannot be used remotely. The brilliant idea behind this is this: it can’t be stolen since it is transmitted across the network. This has also something to do with biometrics. This is why Microsoft Passport is convenient for the users.

With this latest update on Windows, users will definitely achieve a new level Domain Controller services and features. More than convenience, Windows Server 2016 also complements well with new IT Security Services Australia, which are getting more secure by the minute.

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