Will Robots Really Cause Human Unemployment?

Will Robots Really Cause Human Unemployment?

The world has changed a lot since automation and robots have come and helped us do mundane simple tasks from our home to our offices. In only a few years, from the rise of the smartphones and voice-controlled devices, we can now see self-driving cars and different types of robots that we didn’t think we’d have until they came.

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, says that the progress of automation is much faster than people realize. His self-driving car technology has made a hugely positive reaction among its owners and other people alike. There are a lot of people whose main jobs are to drive; and with this disruptive technology hitting the market at an all-time high, eventually, drivers may need to prepare to lose their source of income.

A factory in Guangdong, China has replaced 90% of their human workers and the production has increased tremendously, even minimizing the percentage of products with defects. There are many reasons why using robots and automation will be an advantageous compared to human employees. Here are some of them:

Robots Don’t Get Tired

Automated robots have the ability to work without needing a break, sleep, or even vacations. They can work overtime without complaints and produce more than human workers in a shorter time frame.

Easy Upgrade

Since technologies are updating frequently, even robots benefit to whatever upgrade they’ll be needing. Even though humans have abilities to improve and work better, robots are easier to “teach” by just installing new versions or upgrade they need. Because of the ever-changing world, robots will eventually be able to upgrade themselves without humans.

Work Safety

Working with robots increases safety when they are moved to supervisory roles. The role no longer requires them to perform dangerous applications. You may no longer worry about the safety of your employees, too, because robots can be more cost-effective if accidents do happen in the workplace.


While you may think that robots are expensive to have, the long-term effect that this will benefit most companies are should not be underestimated. Initially, a huge investment would be needed and some maintenance costs here and there. However, you may finally be able to say goodbye to monthly salaries, healthcare provisions, insurances, bonuses, and even commissions because they’ll be out of the picture already.

Better Quality and Reliability

The tasks that robots do are performed with high precision, which also means that defects will be avoided, or if not, will be greatly reduced. Because they are linked to powerful computers or controlling machines, they can be more flexible in performing tasks assigned to them.

Mark Cuban, a business mogul, has recently stated that automation will lead to unemployment and the world needs to prepare for it. With this line of thought, robots are surely the future we are looking at. Even though it takes society time to adapt to changes, the advancement of technologies is so great that they are impossible to ignore. In the next few years, another disruptive type of technology will be available and we need to prepare for them now.

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