Why is Android a Better Phone Choice?

Why is Android a Better Phone Choice?

Planning to upgrade to a better phone involves a lot of research and planning. Everyone expects their new phones to perform well – from messaging to watching videos and playing games. The biggest debate the Internet has always had is if Android is better than Apple devices. Although they have their own sets of strengths and weaknesses, here are some of the reasons why switching to an Android device is a better choice.

Wider Choice of Phones

As you may have already noticed for the past few years, you have much wider choices of the types of Android phones. You can get one that has a small screen size, another one with a great camera, or a water resistant phone that can you can use while in the shower. A good selection of Android phones can fit your day to day activities and lifestyle.

Expandable Storage Memory

Most Android phones allow users to add external memory. It means that users can use memory cards to store files up to 64gb or even 128gb depending on the phone model. This feature is what is lacking in iOS phones. Apple does offer phones depending on the storage requirement you need; however, it involves a good amount of additional budget. This feature is exclusive to Android phones as Apple has never offered expandable memory, ever.

Highly Customizable

Customizing your Android phone is almost limitless. Fonts, themes, even launchers and the way your keyboard looks are easily customizable. Additionally, widgets are going to be your favorite. They are powerful tools that can make your device from as simple to being as extremely useful at its best. Widgets are like mini versions of the apps you have and you can add it to your home screen for easier access.

Better Battery Capacity

Most Android phones are continuously improving in terms of their battery capacity. Although it gets bulkier when you opt for an ultra-high capacity battery on a single full charge. On top of that, one of the perks of having an Android phone is getting to use microUSB chargers, which most mobile phones have. That said, even if you left your charger at home, chances are, one of your friends can lend you one.

Price Comparison

With the same features of an Apple phone, there is a high probability that Samsung and other Android phone companies offer one that’s more affordable. As mentioned before, even a small upgrade of phone memory can cost you a fortune. And because there’s a wide variety of Android phones, you can choose a phone that fits you perfectly, without having to add few more bucks for a functionality that you probably won’t use.

Google Play Store

Google Play Store has more array of apps that are both free and paid compared to the App Store of iOS. Because there are more Android phones in the market, most developers create apps that are suited for Android devices. Having said that, Android updates are constant; that’s why its functionalities surpass other operating systems. These are just some of Android’s advantages; but, keep in mind that phone choices all boil down to a person’s preference and needs.

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