What Mobile Apps Should Consider Before Marketing to Millennials

What Mobile Apps Should Consider Before Marketing to Millennials

Millennials, often identified as young and tech-savvy, are the first generation to experience and grow up together with the internet. Born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s, millennials have such a massive buying power that are highly influenced by the use of their mobile devices which is why creating apps for them is not just a smart move but also a must for your business.

Millennials consume content three times more on mobile than on desktop and that information says a lot about the changing behaviors of different generations. According to the survey held by MindSea, almost 50% of the millennials that they’ve surveyed said that for them to download an app, it must have a set of unique features and functionality. The second reason is if it was recommended by a friend, and last is if it has a better design than its competitors. We’ve listed what you need to know if you are to target millennials using a mobile app.

Performance and Speed

Saving the time of your users should be your top priority. People do not have time waiting for your app to load. According to Applause, a majority of their respondents buy products from apps that are also customized for them especially now that you can target people by location.

Light Battery and Data Usage

An app that drains the phone’s battery rapidly is a no-no. Battery life has always been a great concern for app developers, however, as much as possible, make your apps easy to the battery.

Few Push Notifications

84% of millennials act on push notifications according to a report from Retale. However, millennials dislike apps that are constantly sending them push notifications especially those that are poorly timed and irrelevant to them.

Entertaining and Useful

In developing a mobile app for your business, you also have to consider what millennials want to get from these apps aside from having the features that we’ve just mentioned. Millennials use technology a lot and have since been addicted to different types of entertainment available on the internet. Entertainment is the top category that millennials download and use. These entertainment apps include games, music, and movie streaming services. Social networking, messaging, photo editors, and financial services apps are amongst the top ten categories that young people also use and download.

Another report from an advertising firm Quantcast titled: Mobile + Me – The Remodelled Brand Opportunity found out that 50% of the millennials use their phones to research on purchases at least 5 times a day. If you offer IT services in Australia, USA, or wherever you are around the globe, consider also what concerns millennials in this day and age. Young people want an app that can educate them, help them find their career path, and be their partner in terms of managing their budget.

These reports shown that there is a huge opportunity for brands to interact with their target market by using relevant mobile advertisements. This will, in turn, drive awareness and response that will generate sales and success to their expanding business.

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