What Is Office 365 and Why Is It Good to Have

What Is Office 365 and Why Is It Good to Have

Office 365 is the cloud version of Microsoft Office and is available on a monthly subscription basis. It is a simple and cost-effective service that Microsoft offers.

If you are wondering about what the “cloud” is, it is a term that is used for an off-site file hosting service. Office 365 is also integrated with OneDrive (previously called SkyDrive), another Microsoft cloud storage service. If you avail of the plan Office 365 Business, you will automatically get their 1TB file storage and sharing feature, aside from the fully integrated Office on PC or Mac, which includes their apps for mobiles and tablets. Add more to your budget and avail of the Office 365 Business Premium and you’ll get a personalized email with 50 GB mailbox and HD video conference on top of the other features we’ve just mentioned.

We all have been using Microsoft Office for years. This time, Microsoft also made it available on the cloud, which enables users to sync their files to every device they have. It is also still available for offline usage but users must connect to the Internet every 30 days to maintain their subscription. We’ve listed some of its perks for you to better understand if it’s worth its price and if it fits you and your business.

Branded Email

You can brand your email address with your company name to build name recognition. This would be very useful if you also plan to market your business with customized marketing messages.

Easy Collaboration

You can easily create and edit your files with your colleagues or team member in real time, which is hassle-free, especially for those who try to communicate about revisions and whatnot. Video conversations and business meetings with co-workers have also been made easier through the HD video conference feature.

Access Anywhere

Since it’s on the cloud, you can easily access it anywhere you go whether you have Internet or not. It is accessible using any device you have and you also get to access Office Mobile Apps on the go.

Security and Encryption

Everyone is concerned about the security of all the files they upload on the cloud. Security will always be a top priority to all organizations. Office 365 uses encryption and is certified as compliant by ISO standards. Microsoft also exerts effort in providing the best and updated security to all their services.

Subscription Basis

While it may depend on your preference, getting a subscription instead of buying a program that costs a lot may be practical for some. If it doesn’t reach your expectations, you can easily cancel and deactivate your account, which is more comfortable than having to spend too much for something that you won’t use for a long-term period.

Has Its Own Planner

Planning your own tasks or with your co-workers has been made easier. You can share your files, assign tasks, and set due dates, which would be perfect if you are the type who enjoys working with others.

Have you decided if you are the type to get Microsoft Office 365? It all boils down to preferences and needs but Office 365 is worth the money especially if you think how all of its features are going to be useful for you and your team.

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