What is Cloud PBX?

What is Cloud PBX?

Looking for an Internet-based Phone System? With Managed IT Services, Cloud PBX is the best technology tool to use.

In this post, we will help you to understand more about Cloud PBX, how it works and the benefits it offers for your business.

Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX is composed of two parts: Cloud computing and PBX.

Cloud Computing—in Managed IT Services Australia—is the process of storing your files and data over the Internet instead of your PC’s hard drive.

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange—a private telephone network utilized within a company or organization.

When you consolidate both parts of the term, you see that a Cloud PBX is just a telephone system based over the Internet. This is likewise alluded to as an Internet-based or VoIP telephone system.

Cloud PBX allows you to have more phones than a physical phone line (PTSN) and allows free phone calls between users. It provides many features, such as multi-party calling, call transfer, voicemail, call recording, auto attendant and more.

Traditionally, PBX business phone systems are more flexible than proprietary systems, as they are using open standards and interfaces. Modern PBX phone systems use standard hardware, which is cost efficient and can be easily replaced as compared with closed systems.

How Does It Work?

Rather than relying on traditional and costly maintenance hardware, Cloud PBX deliver calls over an Internet connection.

In making calls, different packets of data travel over the Internet to the recipient. When the data finally arrives at the end destination, it is put back into the correct order. The data is then converted into audio and the recipient hears what you said.

Since Cloud PBX isn’t attached to a central PBX system, phone lines in a similar network can be worked from various sites worldwide. Cloud PBX is overseen and worked fully on the web, so you can do your business out of office by directing calls to different areas or devices.

Benefits to Your Business

There are many benefits to choosing a cloud-based communication system for your business. Here are some of them:


With a cloud-based connection, users can be anywhere on the globe. This guarantees that you will never have to miss a call, and that all clients, regardless of their location or device, will experience the same functionality.

Low Cost

Cloud PBX eliminates the cost of heavy and expensive hardware installations. Set-up costs are far less because you only pay the lines you need at the time.


Using web portals, adding and removing lines can be quicker, no intensive-labor required, providing hassle-free services for your IT Department.

Disaster Recovery

Your business phone system ought to never go down. It should be up every minute of every day to help your clients and to get inbound deals, leads or new business. A cloud phone system secures against loss of business invoice in case of disasters. Using the cloud guarantees a solid and flexible phone service.

Online Portal

The greater part of the Cloud PBX phone system can be overseen by the user-friendly web gateway. Streamlined call administration entry gives you a chance to oversee features, add or remove users, check your record and modify settings. Cloud PBX makes it easy for you to adapt your phone system according to your different business needs.

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