With Spector 360 Web Filtering, you can centrally manage and enforce company policy by blocking access to web sites on your Windows and Mac clients based on more than 30 built-in pre-defined categories or customized lists. Create distinct policies for different employees and groups, define web sites that are blocked or allowed, and set up schedules for when these policies will be in effect. Establishing and applying Web Filtering rules is a simple process that can be managed from the Dashboard Management application using an intuitive wizard.

Control the web sites your employees can visit based on the category attributes of the domain:

  • Always block employees from visiting Sports, Gambling, or Sexually Explicit web sites
  • Allow employees to visit News and Shopping web sites only during lunch time and after normal work hours
  • Only allow certain employees to visit specified web sites – allow the HR manager access to Job Search sites, but block everyone else
  • Allow one group access and block all other groups – only the employees in the IT Department can visit Download sites

Predefined Web Site Filtering Domain Categories

Choose from more than 30 pre-defined Domain Categories or create your own customized lists. Spector 360 comes with the following list of Domain Categories pre-installed out of the box.

  • Advertisements & Popups
  • Chat
  • Chat
  • Computer Viruses
  • Downloads
  • Entertainment
  • Finance & Investment
  • Food & Dining
  • Search Engines
  • Shopping
  • Society & Culture
  • Sports
  • Spyware
  • Travel
  • Violence
  • Web-based email
  • Ringtones & Mobile Phone Downloads
  • Kids
  • News
  • Personals & Dating
  • Phishing & Fraud
  • Proxies & Translators
  • Religion
  • Gambling
  • Games
  • Government
  • Hacking
  • Health & Medicine
  • Hobbies & Recreation
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Illegal Software
  • Job Search and Career Development

Test any Domain to see if it is Blocked or Allowed

  • Test any URL or domain name to make sure that it is blocked by an existing rule
  • Specify the date, time and for which user or group you are testing the rule

View Blocked Charts and Reports

Using the Quick View Tool you can rapidly determine the repeatedly blocked web sites and the employees who are being blocked most frequently. Now you can see which employees are violating your Acceptable Use Policy and take the appropriate action to keep them focused and on task.

 Customisable Block Page

Whenever an employee attempts to visit a blocked web site, an informational “web site blocked” message will be displayed. You can customize this message for your organization with a built-in easy-to-use text editor that will convert your message to an HTML page.

Localized Filtering

When laptop computers are taken outside the office and directly connected to the Internet, local web filtering is still available to block inappropriate web sites. A blocked domain list can be defined when you create the profile for the Client Recorder. When the laptop is reconnected to the corporate network, the rules set up in the Web Filter Server will override the local filtering.