Ways Social Media Has Changed the Way We View Things

Ways Social Media Has Changed the Way We View Things

Right now, social media has become an important part of our lives. From building relationships, to entertaining ourselves, social media now has crept into our work and studies. To give you a preview, every minute, we humans post more than 40 million messages on Facebook and send out close to 500,000 tweets.

Our growing involvement with social media is not just changing how we communicate with each other – but it also affects how the field of business, current events, and media evolve.

Social Media Has Become an Important of Business Strategy

In just under a decade, journalism and media have been totally altered by social media. Social media management has become an essential skill and is now the responsibility of a dedicated content management team in the newsroom. Nowadays, social media has taken hold of the way the whole organization works. Even managed IT services in Australia have included social media management as one of their repertoire.

It’s a trend that’s currently creeping its way to businesses beyond the newsroom – from fields such as digital marketing to customer support and communication channels. Other businesses should look at how the newsroom evolved with the help of social media to ensure that they’re one step ahead of this booming global trend.

Government and Politics Have Been Affected by Social Media

Our participation and engagement in socio-civic activities have also been disrupted by social media. Social media lets ordinary people become the source of ideas, concepts, and course of actions in a way that’s easier than before. Soon, we can expect that more and more politicians and civic leaders will use this kind of transparent governance, as it gives them more diverse and accessible ways to engage with their constituents. While the politicians and leaders used to travel to interact with us, now they can conduct live discussions and forums online to create a more solid connection between them and the citizens.

Before the popularity of social media, the government news agencies and the traditional media were the main sources of information. This information monopoly has been radically disrupted by the sudden rise of information technology and the social media community that came with it. Because of this, conflicts and international affairs have been challenged and exposed by the rise of digitally independent international media that is ready to stand up to the state’s dominance.

Social Media Helps Us Tackle Global Issues

The way people share content on social media has been utilized recently as a medium to expose wartime atrocities, as well as violations of human rights. By verifying such evidence shared by prosecutors and forensics experts, these videos help human rights advocates in presenting evidence that may soon be brought before an international court.

The potential of social media to unite like-minded demographics is also helping fight another global issue: climate change. Social media has become a crucial tool for providing a way for the public to join in influencing or fighting environmental actions that used to be the role of governments businesses. It has opened a portal for citizens to face local environmental challenges and find ways to fight global warming together as a global community.

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