Want to Be a Digital Marketer? Read This…

Want to Be a Digital Marketer? Read This…

It’s quite a trend these days that some with careers in IT services in Australia are becoming more and more immersed in a totally different but connected field – digital marketing. And why not? According to research, the digital economy is considerably growing faster and there will be thousands of job vacancies to be filled in this industry before 2020.

Want to take the plunge? Read this.

Always Be Curious

This competitive industry is growing fast and companies prefer candidates who are very eager to learn, over those who are just in it because of the trend. This industry requires you to be passionate and to have the drive to win.

Always Be in Tune

You need to always be updated with the top industry news if you want to stay ahead. A tip here is to follow leading digital marketing websites and well-known influencers. Remember, social media sites like Facebook keep updating so you better keep up.

Build a Network

Consider the people in the industry as peers. Attend industry summits, seminars, and training in your location to build relationships with social media and digital marketers. Grow your skill set with the workshops and presentations these events offer.

Try Using Your Own Ideas and See What Works

Try out your own concepts and don’t just treat influencers’ opinions as something that’s set in stone. There are different paths to follow in the digital marketing industry. Some may work for others but won’t work for you, while others will suit your skills best.

Each person involved in this industry must immerse in personal projects to try out different concepts to see what works and be able to gauge how different processes may lead to success or failure.

Know the Jargon

Analytics, algorithms, engagement, SEM and SEO – as a digital marketer, you need to know what these words mean. You can actually gauge if a person needs further training by his or her understanding of these terms. The skills to examine digital marketing campaigns and understand what factors helped in making it a success will rely heavily on your ability to understand the language.

Create Your Own Personal Brand

A bigshot in the digital marketing world always has a strong online presence. If you aim to prove to an employer that you can fortify their brand’s online presence, then you need to prove to them that you can create your personal brand.

Having a strong presence online will separate you, a wolf, from the sheep.

Being Nerdy Ain’t That Bad Here

There’s a common misconception that digital marketing is quite a glam career to be in. But, once you are confronted by technical data, all your dreams are shattered. You won’t be creating websites from nothing but you will be collaborating with and sharing your marketing plan with a team of web developers, graphic designers, or managed IT services in Melbourne who will utilize your recommendations to the website. That’s why you need to know basic code or HTML and have some graphic design knowledge so you won’t be lost in the loop.

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