What is VoIP?

VOIP stands for voice over internet protocol. With a broadband internet connection, you can make calls from a VoIP phone, a computer or a traditional phone connected to a special adapter.

Voice communication is quite expensive in most places. When VOIP was developed, it provided access to voice communication at a reasonable cost and has improved business communications since then. Here are more benefits that VOIP has to offer.

Benefits of VoIP


Reduce Costs

International calls are very expensive especially when using a regular phone. But with VOIP, you will only be paying the monthly internet bill to your ISP. You can talk as long as you want and the connection costs remain the same. You can save up to 80-90% on international calls and up 40% on local calls.


Set up a conference

You can only speak with two persons on a regular phone line. But with VOIP, setting up a conference with a bunch of people in real time is just a cinch.


No geographical limit

The best thing about VOIP is that the area or country code is not limited to a specific location. You can make international calls any time of the day to anyone in the world.


Enhanced Productivity

With VOIP, expect enhanced productivity as employees can multitask
without disruption. Users can definitely benefit from the following —
share data, attach documents and have spontaneous online conferences.


Interesting and Useful features

Take advantage of the interesting features that VOIP has
to offer like call forwarding, caller ID, ring tones and ring back tone,
contact lists and extra virtual numbers. As such, your business can
serve customers better with an advanced phone system.