User Behaviour Analytics Software

Veriato Recon examines insider behaviour, identifies inconsistencies, and warns when behavioural shifts suggest insider threat to your data security. Veriato user and entity behaviour analytics software utilises state-of-the-art advanced machine learning algorithms in bringing actionable alerts.

How it works?

Veriato Recon reports all of the same activity information that Veriato 360 user activity monitoring software collects. It determines this information to learn the normal behaviours within an organisation. It also stores the information, securely and concealed, on the endpoint where it occurred for up to 30 days. Should a need arise to audit the detailed activity data, Veriato 360 employee monitoring software can unlock the data and move it from the endpoint to the 360 database for review. When used together, Veriato Recon & Veriato 360 supplies critical insider threat detection as well as powerful forensic capabilities – from one console and using one agent.

Compelling Features to shield you from insider attacks



Attacks are not normal behaviour. Having an established baseline or guideline of what normal behaviour exist within your organisation gives you the basis you need to effectively detect, prioritise, and counter insider threats. Veriato Recon builds those baselines, and enables comparison against historical patterns of individuals and groups, including groups created by the software based on observed behaviours.


Technical Indicators

There are various ways a legitimate insider can extrude data out of a company control. Veriato Recon observes and learns the patterns and characteristics of insider use of each of these means, from moving data to shadow IT cloud storage solution to tried and true methods like email and even low-tech means like printing.


Psycholinguistic Indicators

One feature that sets Veriato Recon apart from other solutions is its ability to flag psycholinguistic anomalies – changes in the way an insider uses language that are proven warning signs of attack. These range from shifts in tone and intensity to changes in word choice that linguistic experts and studies have shown to be indicative of elevated risk.


Anomaly Detection

Detecting changes from traditional behavioural patterns is a powerful method of identifying potential insider threat that could otherwise be overlooked by solutions not specifically looking for them. Veriato Recon “sees” changes to behaviours that suggest data exfiltration potential and insider threat. These changes are compared to established guidelines, and if they raised a flag, alerted on.



Alerts are triggered when anomalies are detected. Veriato Recon alerts on shifts to both technical and psycholinguistic index, providing an unparalleled and powerful source of information about potential complications. Alert density and delivery methods are configurable based on user preferences.



Most User Behaviour Analytics solutions require significant professional resource and expertise to sync in a particular environment. Veriato is built with accessibility and time-to-value in mind. Alert thresholds can be easily tightened or loosened based on your requirements and situational awareness.



Veriato Recon directly integrates with other leading SIEM solutions. Irregularity alerts can also be wired via syslog and numerous other formats to align with security workflow and tools used in your organisation.


User Activity Log

The software creates a comprehensive recording of activity data, and stores it securely for up to 30 days. This data can be accessed through Veriato 360 in case a need arises. Preventive measures are in place to prevent unauthorised access to data.


Veriato 360 Integration

Veriato Recon works seamlessly with Veriato 360, enabling faster response rate from investigation to detection and enhanced alert mechanisms to deliver maximum utility from a single console.

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