Top Recurrent Targets of Ransomware Attacks

Top Recurrent Targets of Ransomware Attacks

As people make use of the technological advancements made available to them, reports of ransomware attacks among industries are becoming prevalent worldwide. Because of this malware’s ability to prevent end-users from accessing their files, this has become a great threat for industries that are handling information about their clients or customers.  In addition, this malware could be a headache for business owners because of the threats cybercriminals make in order to receive ransom money.

As cybercriminals have exploited the vulnerabilities they found on computer systems over the years, they eventually shifted their focus to the industries that are likely to pay a significant ransomware ransom.

Here are the top recurrent targets of ransomware attacks that need to strengthen their cybersecurity as they stay vigilant at all times:

Healthcare Industry

Although it is true that medical devices helped healthcare centres to become more efficient and effective in their work, it has introduced them to cybersecurity threats, as well. According to a research made by SophosLabs, the biggest target of ransomware attacks at present is the healthcare industry. Medical records are invaluable for healthcare centres – and for that reason, they are more likely to pay ransom to retrieve their files and lost data. One hospital in Los Angeles even coughed up $17,000 just to regain access to their medical records. That being said, it is important for healthcare organizations to tighten their security online.


Another notable target of ransomware attacks aside from the healthcare industry is the government. This year, the government of Atlanta experienced a ransomware attack that caused downtime to internal and customer-facing systems. Although cybercriminals were not able to compromise the city’s public safety, water, and airport operations departments, they made it difficult to make online bill payments and prevented government personnel from accessing court information. The ransomware attack could have inflicted more damage if it wasn’t managed by IT professionals right away.

Critical Infrastructure

Nowadays, it is common for critical infrastructures – such as power plants and air traffic control – to make use of technology in order to optimise their daily operations. And for that reason, they became one of the recurring targets of cybersecurity threats like ransomware. Last year, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant experienced a ransomware attack that forced them to shut down all computer systems. Because of that, they were pushed to manually monitoring the radiation levels of the power plant in order to maintain the safety of the public.


The schools in the present time make use of modern technology in order to store different information regarding their pupils and students. And, as the school acquires these kinds of information, they are obligated to safeguard them from the wrong hands. When the academe experiences cybersecurity threats, such as ransomware, it is essential that they turn to IT professionals right away. By doing that, a school district in South Carolina was able to keep a ransomware attack under control. Because they sought the assistance of IT specialists during a malware attack, no data was taken and they experienced minimal damage.

Small and Midsized Businesses (SMB)

Aside from the industries mentioned above, small and medium-sized businesses are also targets of ransomware and other security threats. According to IT professionals, 43% of these malicious activities online are targeted to small and medium businesses. Hence, it is important to have the right IT team to fend off these security threats. In one ransomware attack at a medium sized business in Scotland, the importance of a reliable IT service provider was highlighted. If they weren’t able to stop the virus early, it could have caused grave damage to the company.

You can always prevent these cybersecurity attacks from happening, but it is human error that makes industries susceptible to it. That being said, it is essential to turn to trusted managed IT services in Australia like House of IT to boost your defences against these online threats. With their help, you’ll be able to invest in good backup systems and conduct training to educate your employees about cybersecurity threats and how to prevent them from attacking your IT systems.

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