Top Reasons Why Managed IT Services Go Open Source

Top Reasons Why Managed IT Services Go Open Source

With the many businesses – both established and startup – opting to shift to open source software like Linux, people in the industry are beginning to see that price is not the only edge such software brings. If it were, companies who have experienced cyber-attacks and other challenges faced by the IT industry this year might have shifted back to their pricey counterparts.

However, free and open source software, also known as FOSS providers, bring a number of other compelling benefits for businesses, some of them outweighing the software’s relatively low price.

Let’s check out some examples below.

It Provides Security

Bugs in FOSS are fixed immediately as compared to non-FSS software.

Let’s check how bugs affect Microsoft, for example. It usually takes weeks to patch lapses or bugs in the system. Imagine how it affects your businesses should you experience such down time.

Better Quality

Free or open source software is more personalised or focused on what the subscribers need because those users can have their contributions in the development of the software. It’s not about the software vendor giving users what it assumes the users need – users and developers personalise the system based on what they want or need and they really do it well.

It Is Very Customisable

With similar products, business owners can take apart some parts of free or open source software and personalise it to suit their demands. Since the code is open, it’s simply a matter of altering it to add the tools and functions they need to get the job done. Such is not possible with proprietary software.

The Freedom to Do What You Want to Suit Your Needs

With open source software, business owners hold the steering wheel in making their own decisions to upgrade and personalise the software. They also have a huge global community of professional IT services Australia who are willing to help them with that.

Get Support From a Huge Community of Developers and IT People

Open source software is usually free, and so is the support you get from IT communities who are there to help each other find ways to improve the software.

It Is More Affordable

With free open source software, you free security, as well as customisable features, either for free or at a fraction of the cost of proprietary software. Talk about value for money!

Experience the Software First Hand Before Making the Decision to Purchase

If you’re thinking about shifting towards free or open source software, it will usually cost you nothing to test the software and do a hands-on trial first. This is usually because of the software’s free price, and also, thanks to the existence of LiveCDs and Live USBs that FOSS distributions have, which doesn’t need any commitment from your end to use.

At the end of the day, we are not saying that you should shift every function of the business to free or open source software. But, with all the many benefits it can bring to your business, you’d be missing out on a lot of things if you don’t take advantage of the chance to do so.

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