Top 7 Website Trends for 2015

Top 7 Website Trends for 2015

When creating web designs nowadays, one must think about the range of possibilities that technology can do. Designers have to be bold and push the limits of the human imagination so they could create designs that can let their websites compete on a global scale.

This year, some of the most outstanding web designs have become prominent. Take a look at the list below and learn some tips and tricks to let your website perform flawlessly.

Website Responsiveness

Website responsiveness has always been the standard in both WordPress and in general web designs. Instead of calling website responsiveness a trend, it has now been considered the new “norm.” So when it comes to designing your website, make sure it can respond to different devices to provide the best user experience– tablets, laptops, desktop monitors, and mobile devices.

Scroll More than Click

As the mobile web progresses, website designs will continue in this direction – web designs that provide a more convenient and entertaining mobile experience. Scrolling will continue to rule over clicking as it allows more interaction between the user and the website and minimizes loading times as well.

More Multimedia

People may think that multimedia is quite obsolete. The term has been used plenty of times that many think that it has been used and abused and has now lost its meaning. But then, programmers and designers are constantly finding new ways and means to build increasingly engaging multimedia experiences. Before, Flash was used for such experiments. But now, web designers are using HTML5 which generates stunning visual effects on websites.

Go Big or Go Home

This is the most important principle that web designers have to bear in mind. Full screen images are the thing! As soon users visit your site, you’re able to give them maximum impact! And full screen images work well on mobiles and desktop computer monitors since they are pretty easy to code.

Use of Google Maps

Google maps have become more and more interesting because of its customization options. Popular websites that have embraced this trend are already generating their idea around a map concept. There’s no doubt that they use customized Google maps to create a more stunning effect on the website pages’ look and feel.

Flat Design

Considered as the “king” by web designers, flat design is still doing well particularly for smaller elements such as menus and icons. These elements look good and are easily scalable, thanks to icon font technology. But keep in mind that flat design is not always “flat.” Designers often integrate textures, subtle gradients and photos to bring out an amazing effect.

The KISS Principle

The traditional KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid! or Keep It Short and Simple) has been widely used in business, military and government ever since. The same thing applies to web designing. Though you want to add big and realistic videos, try to reduce the content, layout and colour. Remember, you can keep things visually simple and still pull off an amazing look.

These 7 web design trends have been popular over the past years and will influence the way websites will be created this year. But even though you are working on new techniques, it’s always best to remember the basics when in doubt.

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