Top 5 Jobs for IT Graduates

Top 5 Jobs for IT Graduates

Most modern companies and businesses rely on phones, computers and the internet to function properly. As such, they need professional IT services on a regular basis. If you have just graduated, you need to know the top 5 IT jobs before deciding on what to specialize on or starting your job search.

Here are the top 5 I.T jobs for new graduates:

IT consultant

IT consultants evaluate IT systems and are needed by almost all companies to ensure their computers are running efficiently. If you have studied computer science and specialized in a specific niche, you can definitely apply for this job.

Cloud Architect

This job entails organizing cloud architecture. Most companies and businesses store data in the cloud to allow their employees to access data from any location. This has greatly improved service delivery and operations of most modern businesses. So if you have a degree in information technology, you won’t have a problem in getting this job.

Systems Engineer

This field has an extensive scope than most as systems engineers are knowledgeable with more than just one technology. But along with the scope comes many possible job opportunities — you will be responsible for creating your company’s network design, server architecture, and virtualization environment. So, if you enjoy working with more than just one technology in a data centre setting, then being a systems engineer is for you.

Software engineer

This involves developing mobile applications, video games and web applications. Software engineers are responsible for programs that run on personal computers, mobile devices and some websites. Though there are various niches from which software engineers can choose from, a software engineering degree or a related qualification is required for you to work as a software engineer.

Database administrator

Database administrators are responsible for creating data designs and establishing the relationships between data fields. This job is becoming popular due to the current diversity of soft data and its availability as well as increased reliance on IT systems. Since data is very important to modern companies and businesses, it has to be stored properly and safely.

Companies and businesses need data systems that allow them to retrieve data more efficiently. As such, they hire database administrators to ensure proper storage, safety and easy access of data.

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