Top 5 iPhone Privacy Apps You Need to Install

Top 5 iPhone Privacy Apps You Need to Install

Are you having some privacy issues with your iPhone? Do you want to be secured and to strengthen your privacy? IPhones are very popular to the masses. And, according to Macworld, the iPhone is not easily broken into as Apple takes privacy seriously just like IT Security Services in Australia.

Even if you think that you are secure, taking some preventive measures is not that bad compared to being hacked since we are now living in a technological world where people are connected all over the world and privacy is taken for granted.

With this, here are the top five security applications that you could purchase or install on your iPhone:


Remembering passwords for your online accounts could sometimes be a pain, especially if you’re a forgetful person. It isn’t uncommon knowledge that using the same password for every account is discouraged. With 1Password, keeping track of your passwords is made easier. This helps in generating and managing your password, making it easier to manage your accounts online and to avoid forgetting your passwords. This app is free on the first 30 days after the installation, and has to be purchased after the free trial.


Are there important files in your emails that you wish to secure? If yes, installing Mynigma is a good choice because this is a free app and is for everybody. Once your information is on the Internet, anyone could gain access to it, especially hackers and thieves. But, with Mynigma, it offers strong encryption for your emails that secures your files and messages.

Best Phone Security Pro

Best Phone Security Pro’s job is to protect your iPhone from any unauthorized access. An alarm would go off, indicating that someone is trying to gain access to your phone while this app is running. You are free to choose the alarm, depending on your preference. Another feature of this passcode lock system is capturing the photo of someone who enters the wrong passcode on your phone. How cool and secured could that possibly be?

Avira Vault

Avira Vault is an application that lets you put a password on your photos, videos, and more with a PIN or Touch ID, also known as a fingerprint recognition feature. This also allows you to hide your chosen photos or videos in a vault and delete it from the camera roll. It also encrypts your photos before uploading them to iCloud, and serves as a password manager that secures your credit cards and online passwords. Avira Vault has many functions. Installing this in your phone is worth the try.


This app has many features, such as monitoring your phone for any suspicious activity, tracking your device with a GPS, and locating your lost iPhone through their website It also offers a backup service for your data and files in case you would need it. Lookout also alerts your phone and gives advice on what to do with it whenever there are data breaches and vulnerabilities.

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