Top 3 Key Benefits of Using Microsoft Office 365

Top 3 Key Benefits of Using Microsoft Office 365

One factor we consider as consumers when buying a service or product is its usability. We always ask, what’s in it for me? How will I benefit from this? These questions are the bases why products or services give in-depth discussions on the features that they offer. However, these features remain useless unless the consumers realize how these can benefit them. Features should be interpreted in a consumer language, a language that would make them understand how a feature would benefit them. Here are three of the benefits you get when you use Microsoft Office 365.

Anytime, anywhere access

We always love the fact that we can take almost anything anywhere, anytime — all thanks to technology. Imagine having to go back to the office just to get your log in credentials from your office e-mail or getting your contacts, appointments and meetings. That would be a lot of work to do, not to mention lesser employee productivity. With the new updates of Microsoft office 365 for business, your employees can access needed information anytime, anywhere without the risk of exposing this information to possible data theft.


Microsoft Office 365 maintains high-level standards of security that meets every customer’s needs.

  • Built-in security protocols are used to secure your information from physical security to admin access and user controls. Microsoft Office 365 protects your information with guard which is second to none. With this feature, you get the benefit of peace of mind. You know that your information is protected by high-end security features, thus minimizing the risk of exposing your confidential information over the net.
  • Privacy by Design — you own the data; we manage and keep it for you. If you decide to terminate the service, you take your information with you. With Office 365, you can set who can access your information and set limit to their access. This is to ensure that within your organization, your information is also protected internally.
  • Transparent operations — we keep your information, we tell you where we keep it, and we let you know who has access to your information.


We understand that getting your work done is the measure of our success; that is why we invest highly in our infrastructure to provide reliable services. Office 365 for small businesses ensures that while you are enjoying other features that you find most convenient for your business, you also get the benefit of getting a reliable service. Microsoft Office 365 developed a systematic calculation of uptime in a monthly basis, and it generates reports for service availability per quarter which is called the “uptime number”. Using the calculation, we have been consistently getting 99% service availability. These reports are available in Office 365 Trust Centre.

With the new improvements of Microsoft Office 365, you get to have more access to new tools that would increase your business’s productivity, reduce cost, ensure that your information is secure and get a service that is reliable. Get the value of the cost you are paying. Choose Microsoft office 365 for businesses.

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