TOP 3 In-Demand Cloud Skills for 2017

TOP 3 In-Demand Cloud Skills for 2017

Careers in the IT world are probably the most fast-changing and most trending over the years. Changes brought by technological advancement have opened new opportunities for IT people and companies like IT Solutions Australia. Development in technologies have created more careers, and more and more people are adapting the trend. This phenomena created a tight competition among IT people and business owners – a war of skills and resources.

Looking at the current situation of the world of IT, people with cloud skills are growing in number, and more are actively learning the skill. Soon enough, it’s going to be a very tough competition between people with similar IT skills. Market might still be on your favor, but there is going to be changes in competencies demand and pay. The only way to stand out is to be ahead of the game. Know what future demands will be and learn the necessary skill sets. This way, you will be at the top of the list once the need for your newly acquired skills spikes. Here are the top 3 anticipated in-demand cloud skills in 2017 and beyond.

Machine Learning

Mastering how to use machine learning will surely land you on top of the competition board. Adding machine learning to your résumé is not enough. You have to understand the algorithms behind the program and the specific machine learning systems. Understand how they work.

IAM Compliance

Cloud identity and access management compliance is so far the best method to secure data. However, an additional complexity to the compliance standards needs to be met as well. The IAM systems give access to cloud security configuration which includes policies and rules that meet legal compliance standards. This system also covers client-specific and sensitive information such as financial data, health care information and corporate files. Adding this skill set is a big advantage. As new trends in IT continuously emerge, additional compliance rules will be implemented. It would be best to be aware and learn about them ahead of time.

Cloud Operations and Management

Recent data traffic predicts a large amount of data will be cloud-based by the coming years, thus cloud management will not just become a high-demand skill but also a high paying one. One who knows how to use and run cloud and cloud-based applications will surely benefit from this development.

Adding these skill sets to your credential will give you a competitive advantage over other IT professionals. You will gain a career leap in the coming years. What keeps you ahead of everyone else is you knowing about what is yet to come. Many will apply for cloud certifications in the coming years. The new skills mentioned above might just be what you need. IT support Australia is always looking for technicians who are way ahead of others in terms of cloud related skills. So you better be prepared.

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