Things That You Should Never Have on Your Office Computer

Things That You Should Never Have on Your Office Computer

After you’ve assimilated and feel comfortable in the workplace, you may unwittingly begin to treat your desktop the same as your personal PC. Do you know that browsing the web without permission, sending personal emails, and chatting on Facebook may be dangerous?  Straying from work-appropriate content can pose risks to the workplace; also always remember that you are being monitored by Veriato 360. Regardless of how chill your employers may be, certain personal stuff on your business computer may be grounds for them to fire you. This article will show you some of the things you definitely shouldn’t have on your office PC.

Anything About Looking for Other Jobs

You’re in definite trouble if your computer history indicates that you’ve been looking for another job while you’re on your shift. This is one of the worst ways for you to disrespect your company. If you’re looking for greener pastures, it’s best advised that you do this in the privacy of your own home. The sheer audacity of this violation can lead you to being dismissed. Do not fall into the trap that you can get away with this simply by clearing your browser history, as IT authorities usually put monitoring devices into the office PC before assigning it to you. Also, wasting your time on personal stuff like this in the office is the equivalent of stealing since you are not using your paid time to do your job.

Obviously, Porn

This is so wrong in many different levels. Never, ever keep porno on your office computer. It is beyond acceptable for work and will likely get you dismissed. Think about the fact of having to explain it to your current boss, but having to hide it and keep hushed when applying for future jobs. You definitely won’t be able to put last job on your CV with a case as embarrassing as this.

Comments Against the Company

Making disparaging comments about the business you work for on Facebook or Twitter can be extremely bad for your career. Not only is it offensive, but as an employee of the company, you should always show the company in a good light. There are not so many ways you can use to ensure that your statuses are 100% confidential. The safest way to say something about work is to not do it online, where monitoring can always find you.

Software That Has No Relation to Your Job

The office PC is not the place for you to download videos or music; keep that impulse reserved at home and after work. Your office PC should only have the most basic things you need to accomplish the task required of you to accomplish tasks. Never ever put spyware on your computer either. If you really need anti-virus on your computer, the IT people can do it for you. Remember, spyware can contaminate your office PC with endless popup ads and allowing access to outsiders, which is extremely hazardous if your computer has confidential data.

Your Personal Passwords

While you should never log in into your bank account at work, never allow your office desktop to store passwords to sites like your bank accounts or personal social media. Even when you are not in your shift, never ever store any personal information that you might consider sensitive on your workplace computer. Your work computer is a public place that you should never treat as your own. Your social security, credit card and bank info belongs to your personal computer alone.

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