These Android Apps Will Make You Even More Productive

These Android Apps Will Make You Even More Productive

Countless of Android apps are being created and uploaded every year. Some have been lucky enough to get the exposure they deserve, while some stay hidden and undiscovered. Developers are now adding more ‘juice’ to the app they create, such as apps for taking notes, advanced calendars, and team collaborations, which are being updated regularly. Undeniably, smartphones have made a huge positive effect on saving time and being more productive. And because it is small and something that we never leave the house without, more and more apps are being created for us to stay even more productive.

Here are some of those apps:


Evernote, as what the creators say, “captures what’s on your mind.” Organizing your work and saving your thoughts are now easier when you use Evernote. Another plus side is that you can sync these thoughts of yours between your phone, tablet, and computer.

Evernote also has a Chrome extension called “Evernote Web Clipper,” which lets you save web pages. While it sounds like just the same old bookmark that all browsers use, the web clipper lets you add notes on them for you to come back to later.

This app has almost every feature that you would want to be more productive. Whatever you save on Evernote can also be shared with your friends. And, it also reminds you of any important date and time. Make a note of a list, text, images, videos, and even voices for free. You can also upgrade for more features available.


If This, Then, That or IFTT is a web service that lets you create “recipes” using conditional statements. Presently, recipes are now being called “applets.” One example of its features is when you post on Facebook, it will automatically be posted on Twitter too; so you can add a lot of conditions to meet your goals. They have a huge collection of sites and apps that you can base your applets on. Another example is you can make your WordPress blog post the image that you recently posted on Facebook with a certain hashtag.


Drive is a cloud storage service created by Google, which is very useful for real-time collaborations. They have their own Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides which are similar to Microsoft Office. Not only that, it also boasts its 15GB free storage for storing photos, videos, music, documents, and whatever files you want to save or backup. Since it’s on the cloud, it can easily be accessed using any device wherever you are.


TeamViewer is a remote control, file transfer, and desktop sharing program that enables collaboration and real-time online support across the globe. Once you give access, you can control your devices anywhere you go. You can actually access your office computer at home with TeamViewer’s remote control feature. It also supports mobile devices and runs on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. In addition, one of its uses is you can give presentations or seminars to your team remotely. TeamViewer has recently been awarded as the winner in Remote Control Category of the Readers’ Choice Awards.

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