The White Hat Hackers And What They Do

The White Hat Hackers And What They Do

You might be intrigued with the word “hacker” in the title, but more confused what a white hat hacker is. First things first, a hacker is a tech-savvy individual who sets his/her sights on manipulating and bypassing computer systems under own desires. People always associate hacking or a hacker as a criminal, a very bad thing. Yes, hacking is a criminal offense, but other times it is done in a good way for something beneficial to everyone. A lot of people don’t know that there exists a good-natured hacker, called a white hat hacker. Its opposite, the well-known baddie black hat hacker, are the ones who does the vandalizing and commits theft on our privacy and networks that gives headaches to IT services in Australia. They are the classic hackers, gifted but have malicious motivations of power and most of the times, of petty revenge. But this read focuses on the titular character, the good ones who by hacking, still serves the community for the greater good.

Still baffled by the terms white hat and black hat? They were based from western films which prominently feature cowboys. Heroic cowboys wear white hats, while the antagonists wear black ones. So, on to the white hat hackers and what they really do.

White hat hackers are ethical computer hackers or technically known as computer security experts that break and test protected computer systems. They use their technical skills to assess the security and help protect computer networks. They also help site or expose the vulnerabilities of a computer system before black hat hackers can detect or penetrate them.  Some of them are reformed black hat hackers, others are just intelligent and well-versed in the methods of being a hacker. Ethical hackers are hired by companies to help them ensure they have the most secure information systems. The methods are very similar with black hat hacking, but white hat hackers have permission from the companies that hire them to hack their system.

White hat hackers are also in this business because of the steady paycheck. When companies or organizations hire them, they are paid to do what they do best, hacking. This leads to a steady job and a fulfilling life, that these hackers are doing what they are good at or love doing and get paid at the same time. Black hat hackers don’t get paid that amount every day. They just get paid when someone approaches them and asks for their help. Sometimes, they do hacking just for kicks, or inflict revenge to someone they hate. On the other hand, white hat hackers are not motivated to do bad things, like destroy computer systems or steal important information from people. This is because of the steady pay they get from getting by companies who need their services. Those hired are called Certified Ethical Hacker or CEH and they perform legitimate IT services for companies and other organizations.

White hat hackers are a big help to the society of today where in hacking is very common. The society sees them as a very big help, assuring an individual or a large company that their privacy and data are fully secured. Having your information systems hacked is a lot of hassle, not only for the owner but also for the employees who worked very hard each day. Business owners are forced to spend money on repairing the security breaches on their computer systems. That’s why companies hiring white hat hackers are very important, plus they generate more jobs for aspiring tech-savvy individuals who want to make their mark as professionals.

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