The Value of Collaboration in Business

The Value of Collaboration in Business

Collaboration is the most indispensable tool of an organisation.  It has become the fuel for continued business efficiency among everyday tasks and is the essential key to improving the outcome of every business activities.

The linear, process-based tools of the past may have long been effective at providing solutions for employees to accomplish respective tasks.  However it did a mediocre job at shedding a way for employees to do things across the boundaries of functional, business and hierarchical units. Today, with the emergence of online tools such as Office 365 for small business, it helped reinforce the benefits of collaboration into every organisation in addition to introducing some surprising value to businesses.

Innovative Business Culture

Collaboration has always had an influence on the culture of an organisation, but not as effective as changing the work environment into a culture of innovation that has been driven by these online collaborative tools. With an innovative business culture, regular employees, as well as new hires, all share the same goal, working to change the business landscape from within by exploring new ideas constantly, even if failures are unavoidable.

Online collaboration has aided in promoting an innovative business culture by wiping out unnecessary processes, permitting collaborative discussions and helping disseminate the values in an organisation-wide level.

Definite Return of Investment

A business activity should have a definite return of investment, despite the type of value it gives to the business. Some tools can help an organisation collaborate with and manage their assets but cannot do all the things by itself. If not implemented correctly, these tools will introduce problems to your business. Some tools also provide extensive analytics to help calculate the success rate of an organisation’s efforts in maintaining and building relationships, but it’s up to the organisation to participate to clearly define the way each tool will be used in accordance with its functionality and purpose.

With a combination of these online tools and effective collaboration, it can help an organisation determine a concrete and acceptable ROI and from it, businesses can proceed in embracing that milestone in an appropriate and suitable way. A productive and collaborative work environment provide stronger ROIs at every business level.


The digital age of collaboration can help incite creativity as new connections open across different departments and locations that are previously invisible or unreachable. Collaboration brings in diverse teams with different specialities together to come up with a solution to an existing problem or develop something completely relevant to the business. With today’s collaborative tools, this brings an added value to innovate thinkers by mirroring their goals and objectives to the organisation.

Experts say that employees often feel disengaged due to lack of tools that could help in facilitating the sharing of new ideas and its corporate purpose across departments that is why using these collaborative tools is essential for organisations.

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