The Power of SMS and Why You Should Harness it

The Power of SMS and Why You Should Harness it

IT companies that understand the value of SMS in terms of sales and marketing have an edge over those who only focus on social media or web-based marketing. That’s how effective SMS is.  However, despite the rise of social media, we should realize how SMS is an incredible sales and marketing tool. As someone involved with IT Services in Australia, it is a must that you leverage mobile messaging strategies to help increase the profit of the company you are servicing.

SMS is an Effective Sales Tool

Smartphones are quickly becoming the top choice for both Internet and personal interaction. In fact, nearly two-thirds of the global population own either cellphones or smartphones. According to studies, 97 per cent of cellphone owners use or receive SMS at least once per day.

If you want to reach out to your clients, then sending text messaging needs to be a part of your sales and marketing strategy.

SMS Should Work to Your Advantage

Do you know that SMS is a versatile mobile channel that can be tailor-fit to appeal to a number of unique situations?

Brands have used text messaging for various campaigns, which include flash sales, raffles, promos, events, surveys, coupon codes, product info and quizzes. The list goes on and on and you can customize and tailor-fit your campaigns based on how you deem fit and for whatever purpose that you want as long as you are creative.

Reach Out only to Those Who Want to Hear from You

The best thing about SMS is that you can send it only to those who want what you are offering. Sending messages to people who don’t want to hear from you may get you into all kinds of trouble. When advertisements start to show up in inboxes and on SMS services, users have a tendency to get upset, that’s why marketers should give their audience the option to opt out at any time.

Entice Them with Something They Can’t Refuse

Keep your audience engaged so they won’t opt out of their SMS subscription. Just one wrong message can be disastrous for your customer list. Always make your text blasts unique and engaging.

If you want your audience to engage, you have to be willing to offer prizes via raffles or promos.

Know How to Use SMS for Specific Purposes

SMS in sales and marketing is a very flexible medium. Always experiment with different strategies and campaigns to know what works best for your target market. Keeping users engaged and making SMS an integral part of your marketing and advertising campaigns.

Being part of IT support in Australia, we need to understand and accept that SMS is truly one of the most versatile media of communication available to businesses. Aside from being flexible, it is powerful and may ensure a good return on investment (ROI). Your audience opens a text message in a matter of seconds and it’s very unlikely that they’ll delete it without even browsing it. These are the reasons why SMS should be part of your marketing arsenal.

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