Strengthen Your Password in 4 Ways

Strengthen Your Password in 4 Ways

A day in a month of May, the world of IT celebrated World Password Day which was a day filled with reminders of how important passwords are and how to make sure passwords are keeping away unauthorized people from accessing essential information. Today’s reality tells us so much about how easy businesses — large, mid-sized and small — get hacked and confidential data is leaked. One of the simplest ways of avoiding these unfortunate events to happen is to strengthen the company’s first line of defense against cybercriminals — passwords. We have read so many victims of data breaches and some of these cases are caused by the negligence of keeping passwords strong, updated and unique.

Making sure that passwords are strong and difficult to decrypt is basically the generic rule and surely will come a long way. The World Password Day was the best time to re-assess your password and your password practices. Enhancing and strengthening a password is easy and can be done in so many ways. Here are four ways of improving your corporate passwords.

Access Control

Limit users allowed to access confidential information. This allows you to minimize, as much as possible, the risk of having unauthorized people access sensitive information. Reviewing regularly every access and updating passwords from time to time will help you protect your company’s data from threats and attacks.

One account, One Password

Never use one password for all your other accounts. Tendency is, once hackers know your password, they will more likely use this password to access your other accounts. It’s a common practice that people use one password for all their accounts, and they set up passwords in easy to remember. However, a strong password is a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. Password will not protect your files if you are only using one strong password for all your accounts.

Keep Your Password List Protected

Moving forward, because you are going to be using different passwords for different accounts, it is expected that you will have a list of passwords for all your accounts. It is also important that you protect this list. Gaining access to this list will surely put you on the victim’s shoes. IT Security Services Australia has encryption systems that will protect your usernames and passwords list.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication uses an additional layer of protection for your files. This new method of authentication adds another step for users before logging into their account, even if they are using the correct password. A code is sent to the users thru SMS or e-mail they used when they signed up for the service. Once the code is verified, the user will be logged in to the account.

Given these simple yet very effective ways, you will surely secure your company’s most sensitive information. Again, it all starts with the simplest preventive measures, like evaluating your password creation practices and making sure that your passwords are secured as well. This small detail has been neglected by so many organizations. IT support Australia is one with the world in celebrating the World Password Day and helps spread awareness and ways to secure corporate data.

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