Stop Doing these and be a Better IT Pro

Stop Doing these and be a Better IT Pro

Unlike other tech driven jobs in the corporate setting like web development and graphic design, IT support in Australia positions are kind of easy to get. This is true even though their pay checks may not be as fat as that of a customer support’s but, bear in mind, IT support jobs are still valuable to the success of a business and require people who have the knowledge, skill and patience to do their jobs.

But some common traits are seemingly uncalled for and could possibly turn your targets to less attainable and goals to much challenging endeavours.

Below are some habits that IT support people must break from immediately.

Quit that overtly formal talk

As someone who works with customers, you are needed to be polite and proper. But using extremely formal jargon can make your customers feel uncomfortable. Talking in a playful tone lets them feel at ease and have the perception that they have a genuine friend offering them solutions to their concerns.

Not hiring enough people to do IT tasks

It is ideal to have enough staff to answer your business’ IT hotline so that clients are not trapped in the queue impatiently waiting for someone to answer. Scenarios like this can be very unsettling, not to mention that most clients whom you’d speak to are already irate by then.

Be a decision maker

If you are doing an IT helpdesk job, you must possess the decision-making skills needed so that customers won’t have to escalate the decision making to your managers. The skill to solve problems on your own also helps in building trust from your clientele.

Don’t be that emotional person who sulks in the cubicle

Be in charge of your emotions; and always be composed in handling your job. Being a member of the IT team, you should be able to build positive impressions to your customers, and by extension, create brand loyalty.

Don’t just answer with a yes or a no

In order for you to give solutions to problems efficiently, always provide detailed answers to the questions thrown by your customers. A study on customer service shows that only a small percentage of companies is capable of efficiently providing this. That means that there’s still a gap that is yet to be filled in building exceptional customer experience from IT people.

Nowadays, clients want only the best and are knowledgeable about the services they avail for, which means it is expected for IT people to give them the solutions they really need. The traits every IT pro must have include being knowledgeable about the products and services of the company they work with; being passionate about their job as well as the brand they represent; and being able to handle customer concerns with pride and confidence.

In other words, an IT professional who can proactively check for errors and provide solutions to problems is much appreciated by his customers.

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