SpectorSoft Reveals Newest Version of CNE Investigator

SpectorSoft Reveals Newest Version of CNE Investigator

SpectorSoft Reveals Newest Version of CNE Investigator: 60 and 90-Day Term Licensing Options Bring Greater Flexibility for Customers

SpectorSoft Corporation unveils the availability of Spector CNE Investigator 7.6. They will offer customers 60 and 90-Day Term license options.

With the majority of internal investigations ending in 90 days or less, the newest license options lets employees monitor solutions so as to maximize the need of instant, intensive and short-term investigations.

To make investigative capabilities more robust, the new release will introduce website categorization. This will enable the clients IT team to know which websites employees are visiting, to spot problems in those websites/organizations and to know how they spend their time. It will also help them understand websites better and to quickly determine patterns.

Spector CNE Investigator is reasonably priced, forensic-grade employee investigation solution. It records all employee computer and internet related activities – from emails sent/received to websites visited, screen snapshots, keystrokes typed and recognize potential threats in the company, employees’ jobs and customer data.

Upon installment, Spector CNE Investigator instantly sends notifications of incorrect usage of computers and desktops to the email accounts of the companies IT security teams. This will provide organizations with evidence that uncover insider threats, breaches, workers involved in data theft and loss, fraud, compliance violations, and other non-productive behaviors.

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