Redefining Next Gen Firewall Protection

It’s engineered to simplify the way you managed your firewall and provide insight like you never had before while delivering industry-leading protection and lightning-fast performance.

See all the advanced networking, protection, user and app controls for guaranteed security.

Firewall Management

XG Firewall offers a sophisticated web-based management console that has quick access to all the features needed without time-consuming complexities.

Centralized Management

With Sophos Central and Sophos Firewall Manager (SFM), you can pick your preferred centralised management, tracking and control for all your XG Firewalls from one console.

Status and Alerts

A newly designed control center analyses extensive back-end data sources to display only the information needed to respond swiftly for any changes in your network.

Reporting and Logging

XG Firewall has an extensive on-box reporting to make you utilise Sophos iView for a thorough and centralized reporting across all your firewall devices.

User Identity

User identity-based policies and unique user risk analysis allow you to take control again of your users before they become a serious risk to your network.

Application Control

Determine which applications are inactive with the latest deep-packet scanning technology and Synchronized App Control.

Web Control

Take that full control over all your web traffic with flexible tools that work exactly how you need them to and with options for activity, quotas, schedules, and traffic shaping.

Content Control

Monitor and control keyword content with downloadable content.

Firewall and IPS

Thorough and deep-packet inspection for all network traffic with top-performing IPS and dual-engine AV performance.

Cloud Sandbox

Experience zero-day threats with the best technology from Intercept X.


An award-winning anti-malware engine is supported by SophosLab with a 30-year excellent track record.

Web Protection

Covers latest and innovative technologies to quickly spot and block web threats.

Synchronised Security

Your Sophos managed endpoints are linked to your firewall to have that incomparable protection from damaging threats while making it easy to respond to security incidents.

Advanced Threat Protection

Immediately identifies bots and other advanced threats while keeping a strong defense against today’s sophisticated threats.

Business Applications

A firewall integrated with enterprise-class web application to secure your business from hacks.

Email and Data

Steer clear from spam, phishing, and data loss with this comprehensive protection that chains policy-based email encryption with DLP and anti-spam.

Routing and Bridging

Sophos XG Firewall brings in the most advanced networking technology available.


The means to have separate levels of trust on your network with intuition and power.

Traffic Shaping

Be able to configure and shape traffic by application, category, user, group, or policy rule.

Wireless Controller

XG Firewall has wireless controllers for easy deployments that’s managed from a single console.


High performance IPS, proxy, and high speed interfaces and switches.


A wide range of VPN technologies for secure site-to-site and remote access.


Unique Sophos Remote Ethernet Devices or RED can secure your network to other locations just like plugging in a box.

Encrypted Traffic

Transparency in SSL scanning, enforcement, and protocol validation.

XG Series Hardware Appliances


Designed for complete functionality

Integrated with the latest Intel multi-core technology, generous RAM provisioning and high capacity storage on every model.


Flexible Connectivity to Fit your Network

Engineered to provide a connectivity of options to suit every business needs.


Uninterrupted Business Flow

Redundant power supplies and readily available deployment options are in place to give you that peace of mind.


Insights and Visibility

It starts with the Control Center.

Prioritise your focus with traffic-light style indicators that immediately identify compromised systems, malicious payloads, advanced threats, and your riskiest users. You can instantly see how your system is performing and how your networks being used. XG Firewall is unique and yet it also includes built-in, comprehensive, on box reporting. Enervative automated risk assessment tools determine your overall application risks and riskiest users so you can identify potential issues before they become real problems.



Designed for optimum performance.

XG Firewall gives you industry-leading performance at every price point with our XG series appliances. It’s fast, it consistently outperforms the competition in independent tests. Solid state storage, the latest intel multicore processors and fast path optimization ensure you can run your firewall more efficiently.


Central Management

Comprehensive and consolidated.

Anyone managing multiple firewalls, Sophos Firewall Manager can lighten your load with easy-to-use, full featured centralised management. It offers a consistent user experience and provides comprehensive management, monitoring, and configuration with a variety of dashboard views. Manage policies among your various firewalls to ensure consistency and new devices can inherit policies automatically. Sophos eye view provides comprehensive, consolidated compliance report across multiple firewalls including scheduled reporting, long term data storage, and nearly limitless views into your network. Sophos XG Firewall is redefining next gen firewall by taking insight, security and simplicity to a whole new level.


Easy Management

A firewall that can read your mind so you don’t have to think like a firewall.

The Control Center provides real-time insight into your all active rules, and unused or disabled rules that may need some housekeeping. To save your time, we’ve put all your users, network, and business application rules all in one place. Our patented layered user identity based policy technology enables you to quickly implement and customise user level controls for IPS, traffic shaping, web filtering and application control with just a few clicks. Creating a rule to secure common business applications is as simple as selecting the service from a drop-down list. XG Firewall templates take the guest work out of protecting your business applications and servers by automatically populating just the settings you need without the ones you don’t. Every rule also includes a clear natural language description so it’s always easy to remember what the policy does. We focused on adapting the firewall to your way of thinking instead of forcing you to think like a firewall.



Spot it. Stop it.

Sophos XG Firewall includes all the protection you need to stay safe from today’s latest attacks, hacks, and malware. Advanced threat protection instantly spots malware and botnets already on your network using multi-layered approach that combines IPS, DNS, and URL reputation to identify suspicious traffic and block it immediately. XG Firewall’s unique security heartbeat enables instant identification and automatic response to advanced threats on your network. Your firewall can automatically isolate infected endpoints on your network and until they can be cleaned up.  Modern malware like ransomware is getting more evasive. You need Next Gen’s sandboxing—like Sophos Sandstorm—to catch malicious payloads before they reach your network. XG Firewall seamlessly integrates Sandstorm sandboxing to catch zero day threats like file encrypting ransomware hidden in emails or malicious websites. It denotes these files in a safe virtual environment in the cloud so you don’t need any additional hardware or software to protect your users. XG Firewall packs more security into a single appliance than any other firewall, and includes complete network, web, IPS, application control, wireless, email anti-spam, and a full featured web application firewall.