Reasons that Programmers Need To Use Space Mouse

Reasons that Programmers Need To Use Space Mouse

A new development in the CAD World has taken the world by storm. Managed IT services Australia has evaluated this new device that offers superior manipulation and control over 3D applications. Space Mouse has given a visage of efficiency for computer programmers. The device works perfectly from its high precision to its accurate performance.

Space mouse improvement

The device is developed by computer programmers. It has a tangential design for users to easily move and manage it. This tool represents a class of three-dimensional mouse that provide users a comfortable and natural way of interacting with objects on a screen. Space mouse has its own structure of controls and its own signals that need to be interpreted by a system software and operation.

How the device works

Space mouse are used for graphical simulation and three-dimensional objects. It is proven to increase and enhance the productivity and comfort especially for users that are using 3D software applications. The following are the parts of the Space Mouse and their functions.

Three dimensions of Motion Control

These are the right-left, back-forward and up-down motions. This makes it easier and more intuitive to move objects on your screen than that of a 2D mouse. You can also adjust the way you would like to look at the object whether it’s in a symmetric view or asymmetric one.


This allows the user a rotation around its six axis to provide a six degree control. It is an input device for CAD construction and in camera movement of GoogleEarthTm. This is designed based on ergonomics to provide an optimised construction process. The user can opt to use his right or left hand on with the space controller. He just need to select the “Right Hand Mode” or the “Left Hand Mode” in the driver software and the LCD will rotate accordingly.

SpaceController Cap

This is the heart of the space controller. This will help the user move and rotate it and the object on the screen will respond to the movement a few millimeters. Once the user release the cap it will slide back to its central position and the object on the screen will stop moving.

3-D Controller Keys

To optimise workflow, the user can assign functions to each key using the SpaceController software. Once the user has assigned specific functions for each key it will be displayed on the LCD. The following are the set of keys that you will find on the space mouse.

  • Panel Keys allows you to adjust all the settings on your device by opening the SpaceController software.
  • Shift, Ctrl, Alt and Esc these keys functions are the same with your keyboard. They provide easy access functions so that there’s no need to move your hand away from the device.
  • View Keys help you to take a closer and smarter look on your design. It’s comfortable to use them since your thumb can easily reach these keys. They offer you the clear top, right and front view of your design. There is also the fit key that will zoom the object into the centre of your CAD application.

The great design of space mouse

This new technology is already known because of its unique features. It strictly follow the ergonomics of computer work. Its interface is an advanced pad where the user’s hand can position naturally and helps eliminates fatigue. Its navigator helps the users to move the object wherever they want without using any other keys. Its additional buttons and scroll wheel allows users to perform complex functions with a mouse. These include opening, closing and minimizing software. This tool offers a friendly approach to every users to increase work productivity.

Professional IT services Australia is on the look-out on seeing other developments on the device. Its advancement has given not only comfort to users but also work enhancement. This is another good example how technological developments enhance our lives.

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