Really Cool Android Nougat Tricks

Really Cool Android Nougat Tricks

Google’s new Android Nougat may have officially launched last year, but you will have your hands on it this year. Now, let me give you some handy tips for you to enjoy Android 7 or Nougat once you have it.

Nougat Tips

Double-tap your device’s Overview key (the typically square-shaped icon next to Home) so you can jump between apps. This is the Alt-Tab for Android.

Select the text you want, then press and hold your finger on the screen for a second and drag it to the other window. This allows you to copy text between windows. As long as the apps allow it, the text will automatically paste over.

You can use Nougat’s split-screen mode to view two different Chrome tabs side by side. Open a new tab in Chrome, press and hold the Overview key and then tap Chrome’s three-dot menu icon. Check the option “Move to other window.”

Really Quick Settings

The Quick Settings of the Nougat has some subtle but important new features. First: When you swipe down once from the top of your screen, you’ll be seeing a series of quick-access icons for things like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and airplane mode. Tapping any of the icons in that area will toggle the associated function on or off.

When you swipe down twice from the top of the screen you’ll get to see an expanded list of larger tiles. Tapping an icon in that area will open more detailed controls for the associated function.

Awesome Advanced Options

Bye-bye squinting! For the eyesight challenged folks (like me), Nougat introduces a long overdue option to increase the size of everything on your screen. Check out the “Display size” line in the Display section of your system settings.

Prefer to enlarge just the words on your screen without affecting anything else? The Display section of your device’s settings has a second option called “Font size.”

If mobile data usage is a worry for you, check out Nougat’s new Data Saver mode, which limits how much data apps can send and receive (both in the background and when they’re actively being used). Go to the “Data usage” section of your system settings and then tap “Data Saver” to start using the option.

In case you get caught up in an emergency, make sure first responders have the info they need by filling in Nougat’s new emergency info section, which puts everything from your blood type to allergies and emergency contacts onto your phone’s lock screen. Look under the Users section of your system settings to find the form.

Extras… Extras!

If you are wearing a single earbud and you want to hear both channels of audio from your phone, go to the command called “Mono audio playback” in the Accessibility section of your system settings.

If you ever need to browse through your phone’s storage in order for you to move and copy files, just go to Nougat’s newly enhanced native file manager. Open the Storage section of your system settings, then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list and tap the unassuming option labeled “Explore” to use it.

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