Proper Internet Behavior in the Office

Proper Internet Behavior in the Office

There’s a good reason for employee monitoring. And admit it, a big majority of us don’t work in fields where we have to be on Facebook or stay on Twitter all day. Although, most marketing jobs do require that, such as social media managers, brand advocates and advertising folk.

But, most of us are not those people; and, we can get in serious trouble if we are found idling away on the Internet by our bosses who employ services such as Veriato 360. Remember, even staff whose jobs rely on social media for their company would be punished if they were found to be on their personal accounts rather than the company’s social media networks.

So before anything goes wrong, here are a few tips to make sure you stay out of that mess:

Know the Rules

Each company has policies on Internet use. Know your company rules for Internet practices and follow them.

The major thing to keep in mind is that you’re using company property. And it should stay that way. As much as you may understand the ins and outs of the machine that you work on, it isn’t yours. You likely will not have the go signal to install all the programs that you want to on your office desk top or Mac. And, more than anything – because what you are using is owned by the company – management has the right to inspect the content anytime with no “if’s” or “buts.”

There’s Always Time for “Personal Stuff” So Limit It in the Office

Of course, there always comes a time that we need to use our work computer for personal things. However, do these before or after work hours. If you need to check your Facebook during lunch, make sure that your colleagues are aware that you are on your lunch break and not clocked in for work.

If your computer usage is being monitored by higher management, keep a log of the personal time you’ve spent on your desk top. At least, this way, you can give a straight answer if your boss asks.

Don’t Check Out Other People’s Desktops

Give the people around you respect and some personal space. The person in the office who sneaks up and reads over their shoulder, whatever they may be doing, is clearly showing signs of disrespect. Don’t be that person.

Know who these people are and watch out for them. They might misinterpret what you are doing on your computer (as a part of your office duties) as something against office rules. Keep your eyes and ears out for this suspicious person – even if you are strict in following office rules.

Mind Your Email

Good manners and Internet etiquette is a can of worms that I won’t delve into here. But, perhaps one of the biggest things that annoy me is PEOPLE WHO WRITE IN ALL CAPS AND ARE TOTALLY UNAWARE THAT IT IS THE VIRTUAL VERSION OF YELLING. And here’s a reminder for anyone who frequently uses sarcasm – the use of humor, sarcasm or irony is very hard to interpret in emails. That’s why my advice is that, when it comes to work email, keep things professional.

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