Productivity Tools That Are in Office 365

Productivity Tools That Are in Office 365

In order to be productive, one must possess the right tools to achieve optimum results. An assortment of tools is one of the many benefits of using Microsoft Office 365 for business.We’ll explore and discuss this later, here in this content.

There’s a plethora of useful tools included in the Office 365 suite that can greatly help small and large businesses to become more work-efficient and productive. After all, what more do you want for a business than to be the things mentioned, right? Efficient and productive. Aside from being cloud-based, it can save IT costs for business owners. Office 365’s productivity tools are underrated in a sense that not much people know their significance and usefulness to everyday life in work.

Managed IT Services Australia will help you understand what these tools are and their uses for your business to be more productive and efficient. Here they are:


OneDrive is a tool from Microsoft that offers users a simple way to store, sync and share all kinds of files and documents with other people and devices on the web. It is simply the solution for a secure file storage or hosting using the cloud. It’s also very convenient if used in a workplace because everyone can share their latest files or even presentations to their colleagues if they want and need to. And with Microsoft as the host, you can safely say your files are safe with OneDrive.


Looking for a web-based platform for document management and storage system? Then SharePoint is what you need. It is a good tool for document management, storage and collaboration. It is useful for building intranet portals in order to manage and search through your internal communication and data. One more thing, it is highly configurable, making it very useful to suit your business’ needs.


Office 365 has a tool that lets you manage your Office 365 profile– and that is Delve. It is a smart tool that allows you to discover and organize the information that is likely to be most exciting and interesting to you. Displaying recent and relevant content in a personalized dashboard view, it is very beneficial in a workplace because it can quickly access anything relevant with you and your work basing purely on the intel of who you are working with and what you are currently working on. This is all done across Office 365, so it is very accessible and convenient.


Yammer is an enterprise social networking tool. It is a combination of a typical chat messenger application and collaboration tools included in the Office 365 suite. Bearing similarities with the Delve tool, Yammer is a tool for team collaboration and brain storming and brings teams and colleagues together to share some vital information and knowledge. It does not necessarily require an instant response from others.

Power BI

Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools provided by Microsoft that delivers insights in the form of interactive visualizations throughout your organization. End users can connect to hundreds of data sources wherein they themselves can create reports and dashboards. Everyone can create personalized dashboards with a unique, 360-degree view of their business. And scale across the enterprise, with governance and security built-in. Business executives and employees will all be in the know with Power BI for they can view all content on the web or their smart phones with alerts to notify when there are data changes.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business says it all – it’s basically Skype for business use. It is a good solution for video and audio calling and instant messaging with your business colleagues and co-employees. It is an efficient way to connect with one or more contacts in real time, doing conference calls as a way to have a business meeting. Plus, it is less formal than email.

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