Office 365 Features That Can Help the Average Worker

It is every businessman’s goal to foster a workplace that is productive. As what the author Paul Meyer once said, “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” This quote just proves that productivity is a two-way street – business owners have to provide the right set of tools and employees have to strive to become excellent in their craft. And one of the reliable tools that have helped businesses over the years is Microsoft’s Office 365 for business.

Here are the Office 365 feature that can help an average busy office bee:

Let’s You Work Anywhere

Microsoft Office 365 offers cloud-based applications and services. Because of that, you can work anywhere at any time as long as you have an internet connection. This business perk can be extremely helpful for businesses, especially if they have remote employees. That being said, Office 365 can help organisations stay productive even when the employees are not in the office space.


Enjoy Security Features

In Office 365, data security is no longer an issue. It’s actually a misconception that your data is unsafe in the cloud. Office 365 has built-in security features available to its users and it can be strengthened according to your preference. It’s security features include email encryption, mobile device management, advanced threat analytics, and many more. In the event you lose a mobile device, you can just remotely delete all your data in that device to ensure security.

Obtain Better Workplace Collaboration

Who says you can’t work together when you’re away from the team? One of the many advantages of using Office 365 is its collaboration features. With its help, employees working in teams are enabled to collaborate with each other in a virtual environment. For instance, if the employees have to contribute or edit a certain document, they can now work on it together and see real-time changes and updates. Moreover, it also has a collaboration feature where users are allowed to share direct access to files with specific people. By doing that, they will eliminate the problem of having to combine multiple versions of a single document.


Gain Access to Program Updates

Because of Office 365’s popularity worldwide, the developers in Microsoft dedicated themselves to relentlessly find ways to improve and update the program’s features. Businesses that integrated Microsoft Office 365 to their offices are given access to these updates – and they can enjoy all that with no additional charge. Furthermore, these updates can be implemented without the need to uninstall and reinstall Office 365 in the company devices.

Get More Organised

Every businessman will be able to attest that meetings, emails and contact management play a crucial role when running a business. That’s why a lot of them appreciate Office 365’s feature that enables users to synchronise their email, calendar, and contacts to work together. With this feature, users can update a contact on one of their devices and the changes made will automatically be applied to the other devices where the same Office 365 account is logged in. That said, Office 365 certainly makes it easier for organisations to stay organised.

These are just a few of the many benefits that Office 365 bring to businesses. And it can do a lot more depending on how you utilise the application.

Office 365 Tools Comes Handy at Your Work


One of the commonly used features of Office 365 is its productivity tool for email – but that’s not all it has to offer. There are other features outside email that the average worker will surely find to be helpful.

Here are a few:

Microsoft Flow

The software Microsoft Flow has the ability to automate workflows and tasks across commonly used applications in organisations. In other words, this tool allows users to set an automated workflow known as flow when a specific event takes place. For instance, if an employee adds a new file in Dropbox, you can set your flow to automatically post a copy of the same file to SharePoint. With this tool, you can automate the tiny steps towards your goal and spend more time on other income-generating activities.

Microsoft Forms

Another feature that Office 365 has to offer to its users is its Forms. Through Microsoft Forms, you can create surveys, quizzes, and polls for up to 5,000 recipients. And on top of that, you can also see the results instantaneously when it comes in. That being said, it is undeniable that this tool has the capacity to simplify data gathering for companies.

Microsoft MyAnalytics

How you spend your time at work creates a huge impact on your business growth. And with the help of Microsoft MyAnalaytics, you can now check it within a few clicks. This tool can help you track the time you spend on tasks, meetings, focus hours, emails, etc., and it can also help you identify the people you collaborate with the most. By using this tool, you will be able to assess your work performance and make sure that you’re spending more time on things that are important.

Microsoft Planner

Effective task management is necessary to foster your organisation to become productive.  And with Microsoft Office 365’s Planner, you can now digitalise this process with ease. This tool can be really helpful for businesses, especially if you want a visual way to organise your teams. Microsoft Planner enables you to create plans, assign tasks, share files, and collaborate with others, allowing you to become productive and organised at the same time.

Microsoft PowerApps

Other than the ones mentioned, Microsoft also offers the software named PowerApps to its users. This tool assists users to build their own applications and provide predefined templates that they can use. Aside from that, PowerApps also enables users to connect their self-made apps to other services like CRM and SharePoint. Moreover, you can also share these applications with your colleagues by typing in their email address.

Microsoft StaffHub

When it comes to organisations, effective communication between workers and workers is crucial. Microsoft StaffHub enables workers to coordinate with managers and their co-workers using a mobile device. By using this tool, schedule management will become more convenient for both workers and managers. Aside from that, this tool also helps users to request time offs and trade shifts with colleagues. That said, the utilisation of Microsoft StaffHub has the capability to improve communication inside the office.

Microsoft Delve

Most often than not, businesses look into past activities and interactions between users to improve their products and services. And with Microsoft Delve, this task can now be done by organisations in a convenient manner. This data visualisation tool gets its results by incorporating certain elements of social media with machine learning. Moreover, it has the capability to discover content across four Microsoft platforms: OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange, and Yammer.

Office 365 Groups

Another tool that the average worker can certainly enjoy is Office 365 Groups. With this platform, team members can have a shared workspace online and increase their collaboration with one another. This tool enables users to create and store documents in a place that can be accessed easily by the members of the group. Moreover, those who are administrators of the group are also given the power to add and remove members to the group.

Office 365 Video

Alongside the advancements of technology, the use of video messages in the business world is becoming prevalent. For that reason, Office 365 created a tool to help users upload, share, and playback videos with ease. And this can be done anytime on different devices. Moreover, Office 365 Video also optimises the videos you upload to give end-users the best viewing experience on any device.


Successful business presentations are good content that are cloaked with a visually appealing design. And the professional presentation tool—Sway— can help you achieve that with ease. The tool provides a built-in design engine where users can look for appealing designs to incorporate to their reports and presentations. Moreover, it also makes the process if dropping images, texts, charts, and videos simpler through its canvas-based format.

Power BI Pro

Collaboration is a must-have in every company – and with Power BI Pro, you will be able to collaborate with your co-workers conveniently. This tool can help users publish reports and share dashboards with one another. Hence, inducing a productive workplace where collaboration is evident.

Microsoft Advanced eDiscovery

Eliminate the unnecessary effort of manually searching for data with Microsoft Advanced eDiscovery. This productivity tool has the capacity to process thousands of files and help you find the data you need in a single search. It makes it easier for users to search through SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business sites, and Exchange Online mailboxes.

It is undeniable how the integration of Office 365 in businesses has changed how the business world works. So seek the help of managed IT services in Australia in order for you to migrate to Office 365 today. Maximise the right tools and your business is guaranteed to thrive in the business world.

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