OneDrive Features You Can Use For Business

OneDrive Features You Can Use For Business

OneDrive for Business – a Microsoft enterprise sync and share tool – has developed a lot. Tech companies are intangible when it comes to disclosing data on user numbers. However, the most recent assessments show Microsoft’s cloud storage service is second only to Dropbox.

Whatever the certain number of businesses that use OneDrive for Business, Microsoft is aiming to get a large segment of the market. Microsoft is consistently developing the platform in order to improve and provide a whole new user experience.

If you use OneDrive for Business in your IT Services in Australia, it can be enticing to interpret it solely as a safe place to easily save your documents. On a vital level, it is what the platform is all about. However, there’s more you possibly will get from the OneDrive for Business.

Here are a few features you will enjoy using OneDrive for Business:

Maximize Mobile Use

Microsoft’s new update lets you work proficiently from your mobile. You will now be able to mark your documents and gain offline access to it anywhere. You’ll also be able to work more strongly with documents.

Note PDFs file from Phone

One more feature from your phone lets you make remarks to PDF documents. You will be able to add remarks, highlight or even draw. It is perfect for the people on-the-go!

Innovative Sharing Outside the Company

OneDrive for Business is entirely for sharing; but, the newest updates offer better control of how it’s done. Though it’s constantly possible to share documents from OneDrive for Business to external companies, there is now more flexibility.

External Sharing

It is great that you may now share files easily with external companies. New features mean tech teams may be able to review external sharing invites, bound external sharing for exact users, and be able to share domains externally.


If your device has a minimum hard drive space, you won’t have enough space for the huge files kept in your OneDrive for Business. Prevent filling your local disk up by selecting which ones you will prioritize to sync to that device.

Save Files to OneDrive for Business Immediately

One of the main user experience nuisance of Outlook before was that saving files from emails to SharePoint involved a lot of steps. But with OneDrive for Business, this is no longer the case; you can just easily right click on an email file or attachment in your Outlook, and then save it immediately to your OneDrive folder.

Know How Many Storage Are Left

OneDrive for Business provides users up to 1 terabyte (TB) of storage. If you want to know how many space are left, you can simply log in to Office 365 for business and check the storage page.

Stay Updated

OneDrive for Business is perfect for collaboration. Versions allows you to check who made changes.


Surveys are a great way of understanding what others think. You may now simply create a survey with Excel Online then save the results to OneDrive for Business.

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