Offshore Outsourcing: The New Business Model in the Global Marketplace

Offshore Outsourcing: The New Business Model in the Global Marketplace

As companies focus on core tasks, they will also need to deal with support functions effectively. The competition in the global marketplace is tough and for them to stay ahead of the game, they have to devote more time and expertise on core business processes. With this comes the assistance and support of offshore outsourcing services.

Offshore outsourcing plays a major role in small to medium-sized businesses. Companies get quality services from a group of skilled workforce so they can focus more on core business functions.

Hence, plenty of businesses nowadays are joining the bandwagon. Here’s why:

Why People Go For Offshore Outsourcing Services

Reduce Cost

When you go for offshore outsourcing services instead of hiring employees locally, you save much on operational expenses. No need to worry about providing workstations and other facilities needed for operations. With proper execution, offshore services can provide significant savings to a company.

Low Infrastructure Investments

Having customer service departments, tech support help desks and cutting-edge technology would mean more investments for companies. When you outsource these functions, you reduce company cost especially on expensive IT requirements.

Access to World-class Capabilities

Outsourcing tasks can let you work with a team of experts in the outsourcing field. This would improve internal operations and workflow processes.

Faster Migration to New Technology

Migrate to new and enhanced technology with minimum downtime. Doing this would lead to increased productivity and quality outputs and less concerns on time migration.

Improved Risk Management

With the right offshoring partner, company data would be secured and protected. Natural calamities and accidents are inevitable so it’s best to find an offshoring partner that would help you get protection from such occurrences. The right team will prepare recovery mechanisms and provide detailed back up plans, respond rapidly in case of technical difficulties and get operations back on track quickly.

Deal With Seasonal Changes

Companies may find it hard to deal with workload during the holiday season. But when tasks are outsourced, heavy workload and lack of workers are nothing to be concerned about.

The numerous benefits of offshore outsourcing says a lot about why companies are adopting this trend. As such, offshore outsourcing is no longer a way of reducing costs, it is now a business model.

But with the ongoing security issues, some companies are still quite hesitant when it comes to outsourcing. The following are guidelines to help your business in securing outsourced tasks:

Create a Strong Security Policy

Your company should check whether you have strong security policies implemented in your workplace. One important aspect is to have data classification — sensitive and common data. These two should come with clear standards and guidelines.

Choose the Right Outsourcing Partner

Select the right outsourcing partner and find out if they consider security a priority in the organization. Your vendor must also have security policies that secure your data and other essential information from being duplicated and transferred to portable devices.

Follow Intellectual Property Policy

Your chosen outsourcing partner should follow intellectual property protection laws. Make sure your vendors stick to your privacy and intellectual property policies to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

Employee Awareness on Handling Sensitive Data

Your chosen vendor must have the employees educated on handling sensitive data. This is to protect and ensure the security of your company data and other valuable information.

The Use of Prevention Technologies

Check the kind of prevention technologies that your vendor uses – applications that control data flow, protect sensitive data and audit network security. In this way, you can guarantee that company data is taken care of.

Technical and security issues are unavoidable but never let them hinder you from taking advantage of offshore outsourcing. At House of IT, experience the best offshore outsourcing services while ensuring that confidential data is protected.

Our IT services in Melbourne have proven competencies in a range of services like IT Security, Server & Desktop Virtualization, and Data Entry. We also have managed IT Services in Melbourne which can be customized to suit your business needs.

With our professional IT services in Australia, you can outsource, stay worry free and focus more on company core strategies.

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