Office Suite Update: Get Acquainted with Microsoft’s New Office 2016

Office Suite Update: Get Acquainted with Microsoft’s New Office 2016

Microsoft released the latest version of its office suite on October 1, 2015 and the upgrade has earned them a high range of reviews. The new version is aimed towards users who are mostly associated with the business industry. Overall, the update still has all the tools found in the previous version with the addition of some advanced features for proficient email, calendar and task management, as well as other tools that can promote faster and easier transactions.

Here are the things you need to know about Office 2016:

Interesting add-ons for different kinds of users

Microsoft Office 365 boasts a wide range of improvements in their newest release. A new feature in Word 2016, PowerPoint 2016, and Excel 2016 comes with a “Share” button on the upper right side of the application, allowing users to share their documents instantly and easily as well as moderate the views. Outlook 2016 also has a special feature which allows users to use darker themes, especially those who are working with brighter monitors.

An improving collaboration for better document piling

Users can promote teamwork with the new Office suite since Microsoft currently made it possible to co-author documents that are stored in various online file drives such as SharePoint or OneDrive live using Word 2016 and PowerPoint 2016. This feature allows users to work simultaneously on a single document or presentation whether they are using a desktop, a laptop, or a tablet. Microsoft is also planning to incorporate this new feature to more Office applications in their upcoming releases and updates.

Features which provides task guides and instant info

Microsoft’s Office suite has changed drastically over the years. The newest and redesigned version now comes with a “Tell Me” feature where it lets users type what they want to do in the app and it will automatically guide them on how to do it. Windows users can search the features they are looking for easily without having to go through menus manually, and Mac users can use the Help menu option to look for the feature they need to complete their current task. Users can also use Smart Lookup which gives them a quick access to images, articles, and other relevant information within their documents. This feature is present in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook.

Two New Office apps that are worth checking out on

Sway and Delve are two of the applications which are added with Microsoft’s latest release. Sway can be useful in creating interactive reports which are shared via web or through the use of a projector or a computer. It has the qualities of Publisher, PowerPoint, Word, and OneNote, so Sway is technically the perfect tool for tasks involving multimedia presentations. Delve, on the other hand, can help users sort through shared files and documents of various importance conveniently whenever they need them.

So far, this new updates of Office suite can definitely serve as a good business tool for companies who are trying to find their place in the ever competitive market of the business industry.

Professional IT services Australia can highly make use of this updated Office suite for the advancement of their operational performance, especially since they use Microsoft applications to carry out some, if not majority, of their tasks. A full version of Office 2016 is available for annual subscription. Microsoft also offers special subscription deals such as Office Home & Student 2016 and Office 365 for Business, so student and business individuals shouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of Office 2016.

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