Office 365’s Latest Feature Update is Out

Office 365’s Latest Feature Update is Out

As more businesses face perplexing and ever-evolving threats on information privacy, security and progressive threat protection, the need for an effective security solution should be in every organisation’s bucket list. Malicious programs and hackers prowl unsuspecting organisations every day, so a compelling e-mail protection should be the main priority. Having this in mind, Microsoft created a foremost secure e-mail service for Office 365 for small business.

Here are some of Office 365’s Advance Secure E-mail Service security updates to protect your emails. This includes securing your Exchange Online and Outlook.

Data Privacy and Security

Have full oversight of your data and manage access of your most important asset through incident reports, ardent controls to keep your compliances in check and secure mobile freedom. You’re assured of the location of your data, who can access it and what happens to it — with a reliability rate of 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. Also, your data won’t be mined for ads or be divided amongst third parties.

Business-Level Authentication and Security Certification

With their rigorous authentication and security certification, there’s no need to install additional virus software for further protection.  When faced with extraneous threats, you can adopt the Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection to safeguard your e-mail inboxes against unknown external threats in real-time. You are also given full control on internal protection: supervising access authorisations with information rights management (IRM) to withhold unauthorised users from reproducing, forwarding or copying sensitive data and managing transport rules, activities and exclusions with Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

These are the ways you can utilise ATP for e-mail protection:

Exchange Online Protection Filtering-Only Scenario

ATP gives cloud-based messaging added security for your in-house Exchange Server 2013 environment, Exchange Server versions, or any in-house e-mail transmission service.

Through Microsoft Exchange Online

ATP can also be implemented to secure your Exchange Online cloud-hosted inboxes.

Using a Hybrid Deployment

ATP can also be customised to protect your e-mail environment and regulate mail routing if you are utilising a combination of in-house cloud e-mail boxes with Exchange Online Protection for incoming e-mail screening.

Mobile Freedom Without Compromise

There are instances that someone in your organisation will use mobile e-mail access; most businesses need mobility. Today, 93 percent of businesses have isolated workers who rely on portable technology for an adaptable productivity. Don’t ever pick between mobile access or data security; mobile device management enables you to manage Office 365 access over devices and other advanced features to prevent illegitimate access.

Microsoft Office 365 for business is always looking for more ways to provide your business with solutions to stay productive at all times. Securing your company, nevertheless, means more than just insuring your inbox from spam e-mails and viruses. Office 365 observes 10 privacy compliance standards and accordingly provides organisations with the most up-to-date apps as soon as they are available in the market. Microsoft will always make e-mail security their utmost priority, so you can focus more on your business goals.

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