Office 365 Hacks Tips and Tricks

Office 365 Hacks Tips and Tricks

Have you already bought Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription plan? If you are not yet familiar with the subscription, Office 365 has access to different Office applications with other productivity services (cloud services), offered online or on the Internet. It also includes plans that you can use at home and for business purposes. Did you know that Office 365 could offer more things?

Here are some hacks, tips and tricks that you can do with the latest subscription:

Office 365 Has Remote and Collaborative Editing

Collaboration is important for any business and workplace. Did you know that Office 365 now allows users to edit the same document at the same time, thus making collaborating easier? As long as there is Internet connection, both you and your colleague can work on the same document.

Office 365 Allows You to Skype While You Type

Sending documents back and forth is now finally over with the Word Online integration of Skype for Business. Skype for Business offers live chat feature when you are working on a document. Also, it allows you to see when your fellow editor is typing, pasting, and copying in the document as you can see their names beside their cursors.

According to Backupify, just having Skype open on your phone, computer, or browser will let you see chat titles reflecting the document’s or presentation’s title, and would let you jump into that conversation.

Office 365 Is Accessible on Any Device

Office 365 increases overall productivity, as its features are available even if you are working on your phone, tablet, desktop PC, or the web. It would be easier to access your resources from anywhere and from any device, without worrying about security and connectivity.

Office 365 Can Turn Notes Into Calendar Events

Yes, it is now possible to turn notes into calendar events with Office 365. Simply using OneNote to write your to-do-list can also let your tasks be converted into reminders and deadlines on your calendar. You can also add details, such as location, topic, and date; then you can email it straight to your colleagues using the “Email Page” function.

Office 365 Makes Attaching Files Easier

Adding attachment with OneDrive and Sharepoint is now a thing of the past. With Office 365, uploading and creating a document, presentations, spreadsheet, or a note would live in Microsoft’s cloud with its unique URL. By clicking the “Share+” function, the shareable link would pop up. Specifying permissions are possible as well. You can choose if you want the document to be private or shared with other people to allow collaborators to view or edit the link.

Office 365 Avoids Mistakes

If you have mistakenly or accidentally sent a wrong message to someone, asking for an attached file even if there is nothing attached, Office 365’s MailTips will intelligently stop that from happening. This tool warns you prior to sending the message, when it detects something wrong, in order to avoid mistakes.

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