Office 365 Hacks You Didn’t Know but Wish You Did

Office 365 Hacks You Didn’t Know but Wish You Did

Good news! Microsoft’s Office 365 has launched its best features for you.

Aside from its gratifying benefits – access to different Office applications (cloud services), plans for home and for business, tools to manage projects, team chat, and more. Did you know that Office 365 could offer these things?

It’s 2018 guys! Microsoft has already taken its big upgrades. Office 365 is now equipped with the tools that make better searches, a cleaner look, and improvements that help you focus on your work.

Below are some hacks, tips, and tricks that you can do with the latest subscription:

Office 365 – Simplified Ribbon

You can find a drop-down icon on the far right, which can expand the ribbon to show more options. Tapping on it will collapse the ribbon. The simplified version includes the most important commands, which Microsoft found to be more user-friendly and help you focus on your work.

The main purpose of this version is to give users more screen space. Older versions have three lines of space, but the simplified one will use a single-line of space. However, you can still expand the ribbon to the classic three-line view whenever you want.

Office 365 – New Colors, Icons, and Design Tweaks

This version also has new colors and icons that are worked as versatile graphics that can render clean lines on screens of any size. These will make a big appearance in the web version of Word for In the following months, these will achieve select Insiders through Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Windows. The interface-level changes will likewise make a big appearance on Outlook for Windows in July and will affect Outlook for Mac in August.

Office 365 – Better Search

Moreover, Microsoft has upgraded the search features on Office by including AI and Microsoft Graph support. There is access to orders, content, and individuals alongside the “zero query search” that would raise suggestions just by setting the cursor on the search box.

You would be able to see these changes in, SharePoint Online, and the Outlook mobile application. And, it will begin taking off to commercial users of Outlook on the web in August.

Office 365 – Attaching Files Easier

Including attachment with OneDrive and SharePoint is now a relic of the past. With Office 365, transferring and making a report, presentations, spreadsheet, or a note would live in Microsoft’s cloud with its unique URL. By tapping the “Share+” function, the shareable link would pop up. Specifying permissions are possible as well. You can choose if you want the document to be private or shared with other people to allow collaborators to view or edit the link.

Office 365 – Avoid Mistakes

If you have mistakenly or accidentally sent a wrong message to someone, asking for an attached file even if there is nothing attached, Office 365’s MailTips will intelligently stop that from happening. This tool warns you prior to sending the message, when it detects something wrong, in order to avoid mistakes.

So what are you waiting for? Contact your Microsoft Certified Partner now to enjoy these features.

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