Office 365 for Business: Built for Collaborative Tasks

Office 365 for Business: Built for Collaborative Tasks

Google and Microsoft offer cost-effective collaborative cloud tools for businesses. Each offering has its own strengths and weaknesses. But this discussion will not deal with high level comparative study between Microsoft Office 365 and Google for Work. This article simply reveals the new features of Office 365 for business and how consumer will benefit from this as well as how they could maximise this product according to their business’ specific needs.

The Office 365for Business is built for teamwork. You can produce quick professional documents along with smart information, insights and suggestions. You can share and store with ease and confidence as it has a built-in security to save your works and files as huge as 1 TB to its OneDrive storage.

You can access all your works and documents wherever and whenever you are because Office 365 allows you to share these new applications across your favorite devices. One of its remarkable feature is co-authoring. Your team can work collaboratively using Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Similar with Google Docs, it also has real-time typing in word that allows you to see your teammates’ additional work output or revisions as they happen. Online meetings and smart attachments are designed like never before. Your team can work as if you are all working together in one room. Skype for Business application is designed for HD video conferencing, desktop sharing, co-authoring, presentations and IM thus engaging with your colleagues and holding meetings from anywhere. You can also attach the documents saved in OneDrive for Business and even SharePoint it to an email that enables Outlook to automatically configure authorisation for mail recipients and save the most recent version in a single place.

Furthermore, Office 365 for Business contributes to the IT personnel’s performance efficiency and more control of their work. Multi-factor authentication, data loss protection, and rights management give technical people centralised mechanism over privacy, compliance capabilities and key security.

The said 1 TB personal cloud storage that is provided for each OneDrive for Business user can be accessed from anywhere and syncs with their PC or Mac for offline access. And the feature that lets one edit Word, OneNote, PowerPoint and Excel documents in real-time can be done from a browser. On security, leading-edge security standards and practices with five layers of proactive and security monitoring help maintain your valuable data safe. Thus, Office 365 for Business’ awesome features deliver overwhelming evidences of excellence in aspects of reliability, security, privacy, access and availability, productivity apps, electronic messaging, Calendar and Messaging apps, and storage.

With regards to its support and helpdesks, Microsoft Support runs telephone and online channels to facilitate the needs of their customers. They also set up how-to resources and links for quick fixes.

These features are very helpful and once you have carefully evaluated your business requirements and have thoroughly weigh your operational strategies, wisely engage in cost efficient investments like Microsoft Office 365 for Business and save your money’s worth because this edition of Microsoft will surely add value to your business. Again, Microsoft Office 365 is all about collaboration.

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