Mobile Device Management: Risks and Challenges

Mobile Device Management: Risks and Challenges

The use of gadgets in businesses is increasing at a rapid rate. With such growth, accessing corporate resources is as easy as using the nearest tablet or smartphone.

While mobile device and other gadgets increase the convenience and productivity in an organization, they also bring security risks and challenges. These are:

Personal Device Used for Work

Since modern IT services and solutions have made it possible for data to be stored in mobile devices, it’s easy for employees to access corporate information.

As such, many workers have adopted the use of personal devices for work-related activities as they prefer carrying a single device. But on the flipside, such devices are not under full IT control and risk of data loss is inevitable.

Physical Loss of the Device

Gadgets are getting fancier at the moment which makes them easy targets for theft. Culprits could use wireless access, steal your identity and other corporate information and even disable your device or put viruses and other types of malware.

Security Risks

Incorporating business applications on devices to provide ease of access to employees provide serious challenges to the corporation if the device is compromised. The devices may be exposed to third-party applications as well as malware and virus threats. Leakage of corporate data on mobile devices has grown and poses a bigger challenge than malware. Organizations need a cost-effective strategy for mobile device management to ensure data security while at the same time providing a convenient end-user experience.

In light of these challenges, corporations should seek a professional IT services provider who can answer the following questions:

  • How can corporate data stay safe?
  • How can the corporation manage employee-owned mobile devices that are also used for work but are not on the same operating system?
  • How can corporate data be protected from malware, data breaches and other prevalent risks while maintaining the level of employee efficiency?
  • How can mobile device management be cost-effective?

The answer is House of IT—a provider of IT Services in Melbourne. House of IT uses the latest technology that allows configuring of devices to monitor compliance with your corporation’s security policies.

As a reliable provider of IT services in Australia, they are able to install approved corporate mobile applications and will work with your staff to give you full control and visibility of both corporate and employee-owned working devices. Apart from that, they also have managed IT Services in Melbourne that can be customized according to your business’ needs.

With House of IT, you are equipped with solutions that will help you face IT security challenges in today’s mobile world.

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