Microsoft Office 365 Newest Update

Microsoft Office 365 Newest Update

Using Microsoft Office 365 for business will increase employee productivity rate with high-quality services and reduced costs. It offers strategic features such as convenient accessibility, reliable service and high-level standards of security.

Microsoft brings forth cost-effective and simple services that can affect meaningful improvements in businesses — either small or large businesses. The company recognises new security risks as many organisations are now using cloud-based operations. So Microsoft introduces security update for Office 365 — Advanced Security Management and offers a new set of features to give you a better visibility and control over your Office 365 environment.

Office 365 Advanced Security Management is built on three pillars:

Threat Detection

The new security feature offers capabilities to help identify high risk and abnormalities in the usage of the service by behavioral analytics and machine learning. It enables you to set up anomaly detection policies, so IT administrators can be notified when there is a potential breach of your network. For example, IT administrators can be alerted when someone signs in to Office 365 services in Australia, and then five minutes later, with the same account, there is someone downloading a document in China. This can be flagged as a risk.

Enhanced Control

As mentioned before, more features are offered to prepare Office 365 for small business with detailed controls and security. The advanced security feature lets you create and set up activity policies that can track specific activities. For example, IT administrators can set up a policy that sends an alert via email or text message when there is a mass download of data by a user from the external cloud, and has many failed sign-ins or access from risky IP addresses. In addition, IT administrators can check the location of the user, IP address, device type or the administrative right given to someone.

Discovery and Insights

The new Office 365 add-on also provides an application discovery dashboard that allows IT administrators to see your company’s usage of Office 365. It also gives you the ability to see applications that have access to your Office 365 data and remove their access if IT administrators deem it risky. IT administrators will be able to identify the anomalies and shadow IT occurring in your company. For example, IT administrators can see how much data is being transferred to the external cloud or what applications that have access to Office 365 are being used.

Advanced Security Management is available as an add-on feature to other Office 365 plans. The detection of threat and the monitored activity capabilities are available immediately upon subscription. However, the discovery and insights feature will be available as soon as it is still being developed.

The new set of capabilities is important to IT Departments to set the limit of use and access to applications and services. Unpermitted actions, whether within the company premise or not, can be stopped without human intervention. It is the job of the IT Department to monitor what services are being used and to set up the system with immediate actions. The new update of Microsoft Office 365 can be the tool IT administrators need to have the best security for the company.

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