Microsoft Acquires Another Productivity App

Microsoft Acquires Another Productivity App

Microsoft has announced that it picked up a new productivity app, the AI-powered scheduling tool Genee. In a blog posted last week, the software giant mentioned that it will integrate Genee into its Microsoft Office 365 for Business productivity suite. Geneeapp, launched in public beta a year ago, provides an end-to-end scheduling tool that links with calendar apps and email services making scheduling (and rescheduling) of meetings and appointments much easier.

Intelligent Scheduling Tool

Genee utilises natural language processing and an advance decision-making algorithm that makes it interact with the app’s integrated virtual assistant just like interacting with a human. For Genee to do its wonders, you simply send an email to someone you want to set a meeting with – say your client – and carbon copy (CC) Genee, like you would to a personal assistant. Genee will then parse the contents of the email and translate the key requirements for the meeting. It will then provide convenient options to your client or customer via email based on your availability and preferences then adds the appointment to your schedule.

Genee will also send out meeting invites on your behalf – freeing you from the hassle of doing it on your own.

You can also set up schedules through your phone by typing specific commands that Genee already knows like “Schedule”, “Book”, “Remind Me”, etc. You can even customise commands for your own specific needs. The app will be more useful for large groups especially if you don’t have any access to someone’s calendar.

While Genee is arguably an early example of an AI-powered chatbot, it’s not the only service to this; Other services like and Clara also offer the same capabilities.

Doubling Down

Microsoft has been strengthening its efforts on productivity apps in the past couple of years: Just this July, Microsoft acquired the business-oriented social network LinkedIn; in 2015, it acquired the cloud-based to-do app Wunderlist, the largely popular Sunrise calendar, mobile team chat services Talko and MileIQ, an automatic mileage tracker. In 2014, it snagged up email app Acompli.

As for Genee, the app and its developers will be joining the Office 365 for small business fold to help them move forward with their ambition to deliver intelligence into every digital experience as productivity. Productivity apps remains a focal point for Microsoft as it persists to grasp on to a mobile world dominated by other tech giants.

The Start of a New Beginning

As Genee will be fully integrated into the Office 365 productivity suite, Genee will eventually stop sending reminders to its existing users as it shuts down its services on September 1, but all existing Genee entries in the user’s calendar will remain. This may be the end for their services, but it also means a new start – in a new home.

As Microsoft continues to be the leader in personal and enterprise productivity, users of the suite should expect more great features to emerge as it constantly improves its  database of useful apps to make our jobs easier and more intelligent.

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