Managed Services: Ensuring IT Security in the Company

Managed Services: Ensuring IT Security in the Company

Equipped to help businesses of all sizes to develop better IT systems, managed IT services in Australia became a go-to organisation for companies that sought for IT security. These professionals’ expertise in the field of IT has enabled them to configure systems to trigger alerts whenever unusual activities are detected. Because of this, they are able to take action immediately.

Over the past few years, it has been prevalent how managed IT service providers helped companies ensure their IT security all over the world. Here’s what you get when you avail of these services.

How Managed Services Keep Cybersecurity Mitigate Attacks

IT security vulnerabilities are inevitable when you’re running a business. Though this is true, you can take countermeasures to keep these attacks at a minimum. The best way that you can do that is by seeking the help of managed IT service providers like House of IT. With their expertise, businesses of all sizes are able to adhere to IT security practices that can help them pave their way to enhanced cybersecurity strategies.

 If you’re still not convinced, here’s how managed services fend off most cybersecurity attacks at present:

  • Implementation of Centralised IT Security

Unlike in-house IT departments, managed services make use of solution-based security approaches to get complete visibility into all internal IT workings. With that said, outsourced IT services enable businesses to implement centralised IT security for their respective organisations. Using the remote monitoring services of managed services, companies can eliminate potential threats proactively before it arises to a problem. Hence, it has been seen how managed services kept cybersecurity attacks at a minimum over the years.

  • Acquisition of Latest Technologies

In the effort to remain competitive in the business world, managed service providers see to it that they have access to the tools and professionals necessary to ensure IT security. In fact, if you take a look at IT companies at present, you will see that most of them are in possession of automated equipment intended to boost IT security.

Aside from delivering these IT security services to the public, they also give business organisations to acquire these technologies at a flexible fee. Through this, managed services all over the world were able to defend multiple companies from cybersecurity attacks.

  • Utilisation of Dedicated Analytics

As you can see, managed service providers run a proactive approach to IT security. With that in mind, it has helped numerous businesses to get a better grasp of the potential threats that they are vulnerable to.

Clearly, the utilisation of dedicated analytics in managed services enabled them to leverage machine learning to perform cybersecurity threat analyses. For this reason, IT companies were able to assist organisations in making them combat-ready for future cybersecurity attacks.

5 Managed IT Security Services That Boost Cybersecurity


Now that you’re aware of how managed services minimises IT security attacks, let’s discuss the different types of IT security services that proved to enhance cybersecurity. By being acquainted with these services, you will be able to gain insight on how to maximise your IT services in Australia. Furthermore, this will also enable you to create well-informed decisions when it comes to strengthening your business’ IT security.

Here are the top 5 managed IT security services that you need to know:

  1. Remote Monitoring

Most often than not, the first thing that comes to mind whenever people talk about managed security is remote monitoring. This service is commonly used by organisations to keep track of significant IT system events that can be a potential risk to the company. Aside from tracking unwarranted behaviour within the system, it also enables companies to intercept cybersecurity attacks before it’s too late. With that said, this managed security service is a great tool to boost your IT security.

  1. Perimeter Management

Another remote service that managed services deliver is perimeter management. When you avail of this service, IT professionals install firewalls and intrusion detection systems in your network. Furthermore, they also ensure that these installed programs are up-to-date and well-maintained. Through perimeter management, managed IT services are able to give business owners the peace of mind that their company hardware and software are going to function at its top capacity to keep their systems secure.

  1. Risk Assessment

Regardless of business size, any company can be a victim of IT security threats. For this reason, risk assessment became one of the well-known services delivered by managed IT providers. By availing of this service, companies are able to understand their risk posture for their key assets and systems. Other than that, it also gives them an idea of if their company procedures, policies, and access control foster IT security. With this in mind, it is evident that risk assessment has the capacity to empower organisations to address emerging IT security threats.

  1. Cybersecurity Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

While cybersecurity vulnerability testing pertains to simulated hacking attacks, penetration testing refers to real-time events. Usually, these tests are conducted by managed services in order to find existing vulnerabilities and improve security systems. With that said, this category of the managed security services is a great tool that experts can use to assess a corporate network’s strengths and weaknesses over a certain period of time.

  1. Remote Compliance Monitoring

Other than the ones mentioned above, one of the managed security services delivered by IT providers is remote compliance monitoring. Through this service, IT professionals are able to flag corporate network changes that are not aligned to company policies.

Fostering Smart Security Practices in the Office


While partnering with an IT service provider is only imperative to ensure cybersecurity, it’s fundamental for business owners to foster smart IT security practices in their respective offices as well. One way that they can achieve this is by increasing IT security awareness in the organisation. Apart from enabling companies to promote security practices in the workplace, it also educates employees on how these IT systems affect daily operations. With that said, it is evident how IT security awareness allows end-users to create well-informed decisions in the future.

Here’s a guide that you can follow to foster smart security practices in your office:

  • Educate Employees About IT Security Policies

Every business owner knows that it’s not enough to implement security policies to fend off security threats. In order for security policies to be carried out successfully, it is vital that the employees know the steps to be taken to comply with these security measures. Aside from that, it’s also helpful if they understand the purpose of why it must be done so that they will adhere to them carefully.

  • Generate Strong Passwords for Your Organisation

One of the good security practices you should foster in your workplace is the utilisation of strong passwords. By doing this, you will be able to get the peace of mind that your computer won’t be hacked by cybercriminals easily. In order to accomplish this effectively, you can make use of password generator applications that can automatically create complex passwords for you. You’ll be able to have the peace of mind that only authorized personnel will be able to access your accounts and applications.

  • Limit Employee Access to Corporate Network

In order to protect company data from those that want to exploit them, it’s essential for business owners to limit employee access to corporate networks. By doing this, organisations are able to control and keep track of the people that can access sensitive company information.

Without any doubt, this security practice has the capability to IT systems from internal security threats. That’s why it’s fundamental to carefully choose the people that can access specific company data. 

  • Keep in Mind the Importance of Encryption

Another way that businesses can ensure data security is through encryption. Once you encrypt your data, it can only be accessed by authorized people with a decryption key. With that said, it is a perfect IT security solution you can avail of to prevent your files from being stolen or manipulated by cybercriminals.

  • Audit Company Network

If you want to improve your business’ IT security, you should see to it that you audit your company network regularly. By doing this, you will be able to check your websites, back-end databases, servers, and corporate networks for security vulnerabilities and patch them immediately.

  • Perform Network Segmentation

Apart from the ones mentioned earlier, it’s also recommended by experts for companies to segment their networks and files. Organisations that performed network segmentation were able to limit the damage that cyberattacks inflicted to them. Hence, it is a great back up plan for businesses in case a cybersecurity attack hits them.

It goes without saying that IT security is essential to protect your company from online criminals, scammers, and hackers. With the expertise of IT professionals from House of IT and smart security practices combined, you will be able to strengthen your business’ cybersecurity and minimise the risk of data theft in your company. Contact House of IT to ensure your business’ IT security now.

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