Managed Office Solutions: Transforming Modern Businesses

Managed Office Solutions: Transforming Modern Businesses

Want to focus on growing your business, achieve flexibility, and increase productivity while reducing the hassle of setting up your business? Then go for managed office — a working space where workers can move around and get business done.

Managed office comes with a lot of advantages that a standard office cannot provide – furniture, technology, internet access, telephone lines and a kitchen. Some of the most costly managed offices include meeting and conference rooms.

Many companies especially start-ups are now venturing to managed office for their business to take off. Apart from the fact that managed office makes it easy for a company to move in and get started right away, here are other perks:


When everything is already set up, you can upgrade your business quickly without worrying about making adjustments. There’s no need to worry about making arrangements with office furniture and setting up your IT infrastructure.

Reduce Costs

A traditional working space would mean paying separate fees for the following – office space, in some cases electricity and internet connection. It’s quite easy to overlook the details and there’s a possibility that you might go beyond company budget. This is especially worrisome for start-ups. But with managed office, everything is arranged and paid with one fee.

This frees up bookkeeping concerns and lessens the headache that is associated with controlling your own space. It also lets you save furniture and other tools and equipment needed for the office. Thus, you have other cash reserves for business operations.

Focus On Your Business

There’s no need to ask for tech support to deal with IT updates or contacting multiple vendors for a fast and reliable internet connection. With managed office, everything is organized so you can focus on core business concerns.

Managed office is not only cost-effective for your business but there is a great deal of additional benefits that you are not aware of. Apart from the perks listed above, here are more reasons why you should go for managed office.

Instant Collaboration

When you go for managed office, you meet new people and learn a thing or two from them. Need more insight on web development? Don’t know PPC or SEO? There’s a great chance that somebody in the same office, especially those with reputable businesses are already adept at those areas. With them, you can get valuable insights that will help your business move forward.


You could meet plenty of people when you work during the day. Or you could connect to new acquaintances during after-work networking events, speakers and conferences. But with managed office, you’ll be introduced to new people in the same building who might help you out on certain projects.

Extended Community

Running a business can be tough. At times, all you need is to share your experiences with people who have been through it all. With managed office, a sense of community makes it possible to begin business discussions. When you share the same sentiment with a specific group of people, running your business is a whole lot easier and less burdensome.

Flexibility of a Short Term Lease

Unlike traditional office spaces wherein they would ask you to sign a lease for 1-2 years minimum stay period, clients can sign up for as short as 6 months lease contract or 1 year. This gives you more flexibility in terms of finances.

Low Overhead

Since the range of utilities are all covered on a monthly-all inclusive payment, managed office is the perfect solution to lower many of your overhead costs. Each month you are aware of how much you will pay hence you can manage your finances well with no unexpected costs.

Office Security

It is very important that your company’s staff and assets are secure 24/7. With this, each staff is provided with a swipe card that provides access to the following areas – entry to the front door and to the pantry. For additional security, we also have CCTV cameras, fire alarms and biometric access.

Managed office has completely transformed how people go about with their businesses. At House of IT, we have everything in line for you – install, manage, updates and upgrade all IT essentials for your business.

We have IT services in Melbourne with a portfolio in a range of services like IT Security, Server & Desktop Virtualization, and Data Entry.

Our managed IT Services in Melbourne can be customized to suit your business needs. We are proud of our reputation for providing professional IT services in Australia.

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