Managed IT Services in Melbourne: Highly Reliable, Affordable and Convenient

Managed IT Services in Melbourne: Highly Reliable, Affordable and Convenient

Information technology is one of the most important components for growing organizations today. For small- medium sized businesses, running a fully functioning IT department can be very expensive as there are risks involved. With this comes outsourcing IT services.

One of the most essential things to consider when outsourcing IT services is relevancy. It’s important to find an IT service provider that doesn’t only offer services at a fair price but also uses relevant and modern technology that can be seamlessly implemented into your system.

Why House of I.T for IT services in Melbourne


Our company understands that as IT systems improve, cyber thieves also increase. Therefore we take appropriate security measures to ensure that our clients’ system remains secure. We perform network auditing to guarantee that both external and internal threats are identified and addressed promptly. Apart from that, we also carry out network segmentation so that in case of a successful threat, only a part of the network will be affected and not the entire system.

Professionalism and Experience

We have a team of well-trained and experienced technicians who have successfully helped former clients for over 10 years. They undergo frequent trainings in order to give clients the best service.

Managed IT Services Melbourne

We offer a wide range of professional IT services to our customers at an affordable cost. Our services include:

Server Management

We professionally manage and maintain company servers – we frequently monitor, identify and solve technical problems. This is to help reduce further damage to the company’s system and to guarantee a smooth operation flow.

Network Support

With network management, we regularly check clients’ system to make sure they operate well. We also do network testing and maintenance to identify faulty devices and replace them immediately.

Disaster Recovery

We regularly check computers, identify technical malfunctions & resolve them straightaway. Our range of business continuity and disaster recovery planning experts help clients with regular testing and network validation.

Access to Help Desk

Our help desk team is always ready to assist customers. They aid clients in resolving issues promptly and effectively.

At House of IT, offering the best IT services in Melbourne has always been our long term goal. We continuously strive to improve and come up with the most effective methods that best suit our client’s needs.

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