A List of the Most Challenging IT Positions for Employers to Fill

A List of the Most Challenging IT Positions for Employers to Fill

The rapid pace of the evolution of technological innovation in an era of digital milestones has made it quite challenging for IT Services in Australia to find and hire talent possessing the perfect combo of cutting-edge skills and experience. But even more difficult is to find candidates honed with the soft skills and leadership potential to match their technical capabilities.

“In IT, most mid- to senior-level folks currently in the market have advanced to where they are because of their technical skills, not based on their management and soft skills. What that means is that certain roles are incredibly hard to fill, as they need both the technical savvy as well as domain- and industry-specific expertise and leadership skills. Whenever you’re asking a candidate to wear two different hats – in this case, technical and management – you’re inherently making these roles harder to fill as the pool of qualified candidates becomes smaller,” Matt Sigelman, CEO of labour market analytics firm Burning Glass says.

Let’s take a look at the results of Burning Glass’s research into more than 40,000 job posting websites from mid-2015 to the last quarter of 2016, and ranked by the number of days it takes to fill such positions.

Here are the most challenging IT jobs to fill:

Technical Manager or Technical Director

The main task of a technical manager is both managing all the technical processes within an IT department and management of staff, as well as interviewing and screening new candidates. Do you know that it takes 107 days to fill a technical manager position for an IT Support company in Australia?

SAP Solutions Manager

It takes 64 days to fill this position. A SAP manager is assigned with overseeing the implementation and integration of SAP solutions across the company. They are also well versed with experience with SAP Solution Manager software to help ensure SAP solutions work efficiently and effectively within the company.

Systems Analyst

A systems analyst specialises in analysing, designing, and implementing information systems and IT solutions for business users. Systems analysts set up new computer systems, including both hardware and software, and may also implement new applications to increase productivity. It takes around 63 days to fill this post.

Java Architect

Time to fill: 63 days

Like the systems analyst, it takes 63 days to fill this job. The Java architects job is very crucial and important since they are in charge of all the Java-based applications used in the organisation. This can involve everything from e-commerce solutions to financial management applications to web applications.

Salesforce/CRM Developer

The Salesforce CRM platform is becoming an important part of IT and digital businesses today, Sigelman stated, and positions need a vast knowledge of the business drivers behind the platform and experience with integrating and using it. “We see a big demand for Salesforce skills across many industries, which speaks to the ubiquity of the platform,” Sigelman says. It takes 54 days to fill this post

Database Architect

Also taking 54 days to fill is the database architect post.  A database architect’s job includes, but is not limited to, designing, creating, deploying, and managing an organisation’s data architecture. That means being able to assess an organisation’s data sources – both internal and external – and design, build and manage data infrastructure to store and analyse that data.

Cyber Security Consultant

It will take you 53 days to find and fill the cyber security consultant post. A cyber security consultant’s responsibilities include analysing an organisation’s security profile and attack vectors and then providing sound advice and guidance to executives on how best to protect themselves against threats. This may include hardware, software, network, and application security.

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