Keeping Your Business Safe with Microsoft Office 365

Keeping Your Business Safe with Microsoft Office 365

The decision to take the leap and use Microsoft Office 365 for business is a big decision one has to make. There are many factors to consider when an establishment migrate to Microsoft Office 365. Every business has to consider the value that they can get for their money. Aside from cost, how a system can improve the performance of their company is also a critical element.

Why use Microsoft Office 365?

Using Office 365 for business brings about complete productivity solution. This simply means that with this system, communication between employees, customers and business partners will be easy. One system can be used to send email messages, instant messages and may be online conferences. Another factor is the flexibility of Microsoft Office 365 migration. A business particularly large enterprises have the option to migrate in sections or if they prefer a one-time migration. When using Office 365, clients are given ample warning for any changes or updates made with the system giving them enough time to prepare and plan. Privacy, security and compliance are also important factors to consider when you want to transfer to a new system. With lots of breaches happening, security of company data is a very important issue indeed.

How secure is Microsoft Office 365?

Below are the reasons why Office 365 protection and security stands out:

Physical security on the Office 365 servers

Microsoft location is not disclosed to the public. There are about 10 to 100 data centres located all over the globe but the location of these facilities is not for public information and also the centre where a business’ data is stored is not divulged.

Data is always being encrypted

Even at rest, data is always being encrypted. Some ways that are used in the encryption of data are BitLocker encryption, SSL over HTTP and also IRM on document libraries.

Data is not being used for mining or advertising purposes

Other cloud platforms use data in your system to generate ads. Microsoft Office 365 makes sure that your data is not exposed.

Customer data of Office 365 user is only used to improve service

It is an important component of a system as to who can view your data, with Office 365, data used are the features you are using are the ones collected which they will use to improve services. Also, it allows the user the ability to review all those who accessed the tenant information through an Admin Center.

Microsoft Office 365 does regular data back-ups

One advantage with using Microsoft Office 365 is that they do multiple layers of redundancy and back-ups with customer information at the datacenter level so in case a client loses their data, Microsoft servers can help them restore lost information.

Data is not lost immediately as the client subscription has expired

To give the user enough time to transfer data, they are given at least 90 days where they can still have limited access to the system.

Customer data is hosted by In-Region servers

Microsoft keeps data created by a user within the same region as to where it was built. But, for security purposes the region indicated doesn’t necessarily mean a country. Details of this feature can be noted under the Trust Center.

Hard passwords and multi-factor authentication

With everything that’s happening in the online world, it is always important to give proper verification of the original user. Microsoft also asks for strong passwords to avoid any security breach. If a client wants extra security, they can also choose multi-factoral authentication.

A client can manage the privacy settings to make it suitable to their needs

It is always important to be able to manage who can view what in your system.

Microsoft has adopted the first international cloud privacy standard which is developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

With the security precautions that Microsoft Office 365 has incorporated in their system, users are reassured of the safety and security of their business upon using this system. With the added benefits, ease of migration and support provided by managed IT services Australia, clients using Microsoft Office 365 for business are given value for their money.

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