I.T Upgrades and Migration: An Overview

I.T Upgrades and Migration: An Overview

When your server hardware has been used for a long time, the operating system that runs on it will slowly decline. So when you need a new hardware, it’s best to upgrade your software as well.

Considering an upgrade or migration due to your current system status? Before you do so, here’s a quick overview on upgrades and migrations.


When an existing TFS server is moved from one version to a newer version, we call that an upgrade. Before being released, upgrades are most of the time completely supported and tested in many configurations. All data and metadata are preserved and transformed at the database level.


Migration pertains to the process of rerunning actions from one system into another. One main difference between migration and upgrade is that migrations have a lower fidelity data transfer. In general, most accessible tools have limited support and available migration tools have fewer testing than upgrading.

During a migration, data transformations are processed using public APIs, which are
quite restricted and provides less records when data is transferred. This leads to data loss and distortion in the process of migration.

Now every upgrade has difficulties and every migration has its challenges. When it comes to such processes, House of IT looks into your systems and helps you identify which hardware needs an upgrade or a migration.

As a provider of IT services in Australia, we effectively manage all your IT systems and minimize certain risks that come with doing upgrades and migration.

Now there are many technical aspects of IT that affect current industry needs but with our managed IT services in Melbourne, you will be provided with a reliable IT infrastructure.

Here’s more of what House of IT can offer:

I.T Health Check

Our IT health check guarantees that all your devices and related peripherals are safe for effective and efficient transmission of data. House of IT has vital tools that troubleshoot and resolve issues. Your IT devices will remain healthy and secure and will achieve optimum results.

I.T Security

As cyber security issues continue to grow, it is a need for companies to secure their IT systems. Without proper foolproof system, your information remains at risk of plundering and exposure to cyber intruders. With House of IT, you have robust technology and your system is secured against unauthorized access and disclosure of any confidential information. Our IT services in Melbourne offer reliable IT security and clients have access to our 24/7 customer support. If there are queries and concerns, your requests are taken care of.

I.T Consulting

It takes professional and seasoned team of experts to effectively plan and manage your IT systems. At House of IT, you will work with qualified and experienced professionals. They offer you effective IT solutions and will advise you on what your IT systems need.

With over 10 years’ experience in the business, we have disseminated some of the latest trends of IT services in the sector and has successfully helped businesses with our professional IT services.

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