I.T Security Awareness: Promoting Smart Security Practices in the Workplace

I.T Security Awareness: Promoting Smart Security Practices in the Workplace

The security of confidential information from unauthorized access is very essential for organizations. Most companies would spend thousands of money to keep their IT systems solid and secure but are not keen on providing awareness to their employees on the importance of IT security.

Thus, it is key for every company to increase security awareness as it is not enough to focus only on IT security. Every employee should know and understand how company information and the use of IT systems affect their day-to-day responsibilities.

Hence, companies should promote security practices in the workplace. Here’s how:

Know and Understand the Policies

The first step to successfully implement a security policy is to orient the employees so they will know and understand the purpose and the steps to be taken.

If the staff thinks that the security policies are too stiff, chances are they won’t adhere to them especially if such policies will disrupt their workflow.

Password Implementation

Password implementation should only be restrictive as needed. Using complex passwords or rotating passwords every once in a while will confuse the staff. IT department heads should stress the importance of creating strong passwords and putting them in safe locations.

Access to Public and Private Networks

Networks should be categorized into two: public and private. Private information should not be connected to the internet or other public network. If there are employees who have access to both private and public network and can easily connect to an Intranet or the internet, they must be barred from copying files to their local computers.

The Importance of Encryption

Before storing files on hard drives or sending them to any network, they must be properly encrypted. Make sure each file is encrypted automatically by the software being used otherwise encryption methods will flop if users find them too difficult.

Now that the employees are aware on the importance of IT security, it is the task of IT managers to increase IT security in the company. Cybersecurity has been making headlines nowadays and it is important for every organization to use the latest security protocols and applications. Online criminals, hackers and scammers are already using sophisticated means and ways to penetrate even the most secured company systems. Here’s what organizations should do for increased IT security.

Audit Company Network

Yes, audit everything including websites, back-end databases, servers and networks. All of them should be thoroughly inspected on a regular basis. This is to check both internal and external technical vulnerabilities.

Secure Critical Data

IT managers should make sure that critical data is properly segmented. This is done by checking both online and offline information and data stored behind strict network segmentation.

Limiting Employee Access

Any office equipment can have its safety overridden by an expert who has the skill to alter its hardware. I.T managers should limit employee access to the network so that critical data won’t be affected. Only authorized individuals should have access to sensitive company information.

Do Network Segmentation

It is vital that businesses segment their networks and information so that a cyber-attack won’t affect the entire network. If one PC is infected, the virus won’t be able to penetrate the entire system.

Strong Security Leadership

It pays to have a secure network. But it even pays to have a chief security executive who will create a security program for the company’s overall network security. He should have the authority to discontinue projects that fail to secure the company’s system and should have the final word on the company’s security budget.

These smart security practices will help strengthen the security of your organization. The protection of valuable information from unauthorized access is very important as security risks don’t only endanger your data but also hold back the business.

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