House of IT provides functionalities for programs or devices in sharing data and resources within the network. Our hardware solutions can be customized to address a specific, unique business requirement. With our servers, workstations and laptops, we guarantee your network’s availability and your company’s assets and resources recommended for small to medium-sized businesses. Ours are highly advanced and easily deployable communications solutions around the world. We offer different kinds of networking products like modem, routers, unified HD video cameras for surveillance management and a wide range of Wi-Fi systems. Our virtual machine provides fault and security isolation at the hardware level. It optimizes performance with advanced resource controls. All hardware solutions are engineered using the latest technology and platforms and can resolve any hardware-related issues.

We service global clients from various industries such as in logistics, finance, hospitality, retail, medical, manufacturing, BPO, legal and real estate. World-leading organizations integrate managed services into their daily operations by placing high priority on hardware solutions. To fully enjoy the benefits of managed services such as Server Management, Disaster Recovery, Desktop Management, and Network Management, we recommend the use of the best hardware solution there is. Browse through our wide range of IT Hardware.

Run a smooth communication flow, generate access to more information, streamline scheduling and planning, develop work collaboration and so much more. Is your organization now ready to take the leap?

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